F-5 Variants

Type Number built/
TOTAL 2,627
N-156F 2 Prototype
XF-5A 1 one aircraft used for static tests
YF-5A 2 Prototype
F-5A 621-1,200 Lightweight fighter
F-5A-21 0 initial designation for F-5E Tiger II upgrade
CF-5A 89 built by Canadair in Canada as CF-116 Freedom Fighter
NF-5A 75 built by Canadair for the Netherlands and Venezuela
RF-5A 89 Reconnaissance model based on F-5A
SF-5A 18-19 (C-9) Single-seat fighter built by CASA for Spain
SRF-5A 17-18 (CR-9) Reconnaissance model built by CASA for Spain
F-5-21 1 Temporary designation given to YF-5B
YF-5B 1 F-5B with 5,000 lbst J85-GE-21 prototype F-5E Tiger II
F-5B 134-180 Two-seat trainer
CF-5B built in Canada for the Canadian Air Force
NF-5B 30 Royal Netherlands Air Force version of the CF-5D
SF-5B 34 (CE-9) CASA built for Spanish Air Force
F-5C 5 Skoshi Tiger F-5A
F-5D 7 Skoshi Tiger F-5B Two-seat trainer
F-5D 0 Unbuilt training version
CF-5D 7-45 (D for "dual") Two-seat trainer for Canadian Armed Forces
F-5E 1,144-1,400 Tiger II Improved A model
F-5E * Tiger III upgraded F-5E in Chilean Air Force
F-5E ? Saeqeh-80 Iran modified F-5E Tiger II
RF-5E 12 "Tiger Eye" Photo-recon E model - Malaysia and Saudi Arabia
F-5F 233-255 Tiger II Two-seat combat-capable trainer with lengthened fuselage
F-5F ? Azarakhsh Iran modified Two-seat trainer
F-5G 0 Initial designation of F-20 TigerShark
F-5G * Royal Norwegian Air Force variant of the F-5A
RF-5G * Photo-recon Royal Norwegian Air Force variant of the RF-5A
F-5S [175] Swiss F-5E
F-5S [] Singapore F-5E
F-5N [36] ex-F5S US Navy / Marines aggressor-training
F-5T [] Singapore F-5F Two-seat combat-capable trainer
VF-5 [] Canadair CF-116s sold to the Venezuelan Air Force
F-20 3 Tigershark, one F404 turbofan engine, increased payload, and much improved avionics

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