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F-14 Tomcat


Previous planning sited the F-14A on both coasts and at NAF Atsugi, the F-14B on the east coast, and the F-14D on the west coast. However, with military downsizing, this concept has changed. The F-14 Aircraft Program has experienced several changes during this period of downsizing. All F-14 fleet squadrons but one are now located at NAS Oceana, and deploy to both coasts. One squadron is located at NAF Atsugi. The total number of active duty squadrons was reduced in FY97 from 14 to 12 with further reductions scheduled for FY01 through FY06 [FY2008 oritinally]. While individual F-14 squadrons maintain current manning levels for a Primary Aircraft Assigned (PAA) of 12 aircraft, the type commanders are authorized to deploy F-14 squadrons with ten aircraft. The capability to surge deployed F-14 squadrons to 14 aircraft was maintained.

As the premier strike aircraft in each of the air wings, the F-14 is also the highest cost-per-flight-hour aircraft in the Navy inventory. Due to time compliance requirements (fatigue and correction of deficiencies), keeping the Tomcat just one year beyond its scheduled retirement would cost over $1 billion, and extending the aircraft to 2015 would cost $2.5 billion. The F/A-18E/F cost per flight hour is half that of the F-14.

VF-101 (FRS) F-14A/B/D 1111111
Fleet VF F-14A 4442000
F-14B 5544432
F-14D 3333333

Fighter Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet

Fighter/AEW Wing Pacific

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