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F-111 Aardvark


  • F-111 Systems Engineering Case Study By G. Keith Richey, PhD - The General Dynamics (GD) F-111 is unarguably the most controversial fighter-attack aircraft ever developed. It suffered from a nearly impossible multi-role/multi-service requirement specification, and a protracted development cycle in which numerous serious technical problems had to be identified and corrected.

  • F-111 Aardvark Carlo Kopp
  • Gil's F-111 Page with lotsa pix

  • EF-111As in SWA return home for the last time : Apr 10, 1998 (AFNS) - After 2,780 days and 32 continuous rotations in Southwest Asia enforcing the no-fly zone over Southern Iraq, EF-111A Ravens returned home for good. The EF-111 will retire from the Air Force inventory May 2.

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