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F-101 "Voodoo"

  • F-101A: serial version with two turbojet engines Pratt & Whitney (Pratt & Whitney) J57-P-13 with a thrust of 4627 kg (10,200 lb) or 6804 kg (15,000 pounds) with afterburner, armed with four 20 mm guns and capable carry up to 735 kg (1620 lb) or 1688 kg (3721 lb) of nuclear weapons; built 77 aircraft.

  • NF-101A: designation of one F-101A aircraft for flight testing of turbojet engines J79-GE-1.

  • YRF-101A: designation of two F-101A, a reconnaissance variant.

  • RF-101A: serial reconnaissance version, built 35 aircraft.

  • F-101B: the production version interceptor with long range and a modern fire control system of missile weapons, consisting of two nuclear missiles MV-1 Gene and four homing missiles Falcon or six Falcon missiles; built 407 aircraft.

  • CF-101B: designation of the Canadian Air Force for the F-56 101B.

  • RF-101B: a new designation in the US Air Force former Canadian aircraft CF-101B after conversion into a double spy planes.

  • TF-101B: trainer version of the aircraft F-101B, 72 aircraft were built.

  • F-101C: Single version of the fighter, which has reinforced construction for nuclear strikes; 47 aircraft were built.

  • RF-101C: a reconnaissance version of the aircraft F-101C, in other respects similar to aircraft RF-101A; 166 aircraft were built.

  • F-101D: design a version powered by General Electric J79; not built.

  • F-101E: designed a version with engines General Electric J79; not built.

  • F-101F: new designation for 153 F-101B aircraft after the removal of the filling of the bar to refuel in the air and install an infrared detection system and improved fire control system.

  • CF-101F: designation of the Royal Canadian Air Force for 10 aircraft TF-101B, produced in 1961-62.

  • TF-101F: new designation TF-101B planes following their conversion to aircraft F-101F.

  • RF-101G: new designation of the F-101A in the United States National Guard.

  • RF-101H: new designation of the F-101C in the US National Guard.

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