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C-5 Crew

There are two basic types of C-5 crews, basic and augmented. The largest C-5 crew can be up to 22 members. Normally, however, a crew is between 8 and 12 members. A basic crew requires 2 pilots, 2 flight engineers, and 2 loadmasters. An augmented crew must have 3 pilots (normally one Aircraft Commander, one first pilot, and one co-pilot), 2 first engineers, and 3 loadmasters. Most crews also have at least 1 crew chief.

The Aircraft Commander commands aircrews operating C-5 transport aircraft on AMC worldwide strategic airlift missions ranging from Joint Command Staff-directed exercises to short-notice contingency response operations. Manages crews consisting of up to 22 crew members and is responsible for the safe and efficient completion of assigned airlift missions in the largest aircraft in the Air Force inventory.

The Co-pilot assists in command and supervision of aircrews operating the C-5 aircraft on worldwide strategic airlift missions. Responsible to the aircraft commander for the safe and efficient completion of assigned airlift missions including Joint Command Staff-directed exercises and contingency response operations. Assists in mission preparation to include flight planning, fuel planning, and coordination with command and control. Transports and safeguards classified documents/cargo. Maintains proficiency in instrument, normal, and emergency procedures in the USAF's largest strategic airlift asset.

The Instructor Pilot instructs aircraft commanders and copilots in AMC global strategic airlift, including joint service, contingency, and aerial refueling operations. Responsible for instruction in safe, efficient, and standardized accomplishment of AMC airlift. Trains pilots to professionally cope with normal and emergency procedures while flying over international routes. Recommends upgrade to higher crew qualification.

The Evaluator Pilot maintains highest qualification in the C-5 to conduct global strategic airlift missions. Ensures safe, combat-ready standardized performance in worldwide strategic airlift, including joint service, contingencies, and aerial-refueling operations. Evaluates pilots in emergency procedures, systems knowledge, command directives, and international flight procedures. Recommends pilots for upgrade and establishes and maintains quality standards for C-5 operation in the squadron. Identifies aircrew performance trends, researches problem areas, and recommends corrective actions to the commander.

Th C-5 Flight Engineer performs as a primary crewmember in both the primary flight engineer and scanner positions on C-5 aircraft. Evaluates aircraft systems for proper operation during preflight, thruflight, and postflight inspections. Maintains continuous monitoring of power plant, fuel, pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and pressurization systems, and is responsible for proper fuel sequencing during aircraft operations. Operates and troubleshoots aircraft systems using in-flight computer. Computes aircraft performance data for normal and emergency flight conditions. Calculates and applies weight and balance data and maintains in-flight records.

The Loadmaster supervises loading and off-loading operations of C-5 aircraft. Performs aircrew preflight, thruflight and postflight of aircraft and performs cargo pre-load inspections. Operates aircraft systems for positioning of aircraft cargo doors and ramps. Preplans cargo and passenger load distribution, computes aircraft weight and balance documents, inspects cargo for proper configuration and arranges equipment and supplies for passenger comfort. Insures safety and security of cargo, mail and baggage in flight. Fulfills border clearance requirements. Represents the aircraft commander in the cargo/troop compartments and directs all activities during normal and emergency operations. Participates in strategic joint exercises projecting national readiness posture.

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