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Where Were the Carriers? 18 March 2011

"When word of a crisis breaks out in Washington, it's no accident that
the first question that comes to everyone's lips is:
'Where's the nearest carrier?

President Bill Clinton
March 12, 1993
aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

Carrier Strike Groups
Carrier Task Force
Amphibious Ready Groups

FRP - Fleet Response Plan
IDTC - Inter-Deployment Training Cycle

Where Were the Carriers - 18 Mar 2011


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Status Color Code
DEPLOYED Pre-Deployment Workup Post Deployment In Overhaul Building

Fleet Response Plan [FRP] Progression

Forward Deployed
CVN-73 Washington
[news] 08 Mar 2011
25 Feb 2011
13 Dec 2010
28 Nov 2010
Yokosuka, Japan
Yokosuka, Japan
returned from 3-week deployment
Readiness Exercise (REDEX) with ROK
CVN-72 Lincoln [news] 22 Feb 2011
11 Feb 2011
25 Sep 2010
27 Nov 2010
Underway, South China Sea
completed OEF support
Entered 7th Fleet AOR
Underway, 5th Fleet AOR
CVN-70 Vinson
25 Feb 2011
17 Feb 2011
01 Dec 2010
12 Apr 2010
Arabian Sea maritime security operations
Arabian Sea maritime security operations
deployed WESTPAC
arrived new homeport NAS North Island
CVN-65 Enterprise
[news] 11 Mar 2011
01 Mar 2011
19 Feb 2011
18 Feb 2011
16 Feb 2011
13 Jan 2011
26 Oct 2010
Red Sea steel beach picnic
Red Sea en route to the Suez Canal
Gulf of Aden
Red Sea - Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) training
steamed with Kearsarge in Red Sea
completed Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) Good to go
CVN-76 Reagan
[news] 16 Mar 2011
13 Feb 2011
15 Nov 2010
relief efforts in Japan
started 6-month WESTPAC
completed a successful Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX)
Surge Ready
CVN-77 George H.W. Bush [news]
23 Feb 2011 COMPTUEX & JTFEX completed
Good to go
CVN-75 Truman
[news] 18 Feb 2011
18 Feb 2011
25 Nov 2010
21 May 2010
dry-docking planned incremental availability (DPIA) prep
completed deployment
At sea, supporting operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan
CVN-74 Stennis
[news] 02 Jun 2010 started 6 month Planned Incremental Availability (PIA)
CVN-69 Eisenhower
28 Feb 2011
28 Jul 2010
02 Jan 2010
PIA halfway review
returned to Norfolk
CVN-68 Nimitz [news] 17 Dec 2010
26 Mar 2010
entered drydock for PIA
returned San Diego from 8-month WESTPAC
INSURV in October
CVN-71 Roosevelt
28 Oct 2009 started 4-year Refueling Complex Overhaul at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Newport News, VA
PCU-78 Gerald Ford 16 Jan 2007 named

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