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Rapid Thunder

Rapid Thunder is a CINC CFC sponsored command post exercise designed to exercise the CFC Crisis Action Team (CAT). Participating organizations normally include UNC / CFC / EUSA / ACC staffs. Although target audience is the CAT, ROK JCS and selected components can gain training value from the exercise. Rapid Thunder is conducted three times a year, preceding each of the three major CFC exercises.

Rapid Thunder 02-2 is a CINCCFC sponsored CPX that primarily focuses on the Combined Battle Staff's (CAT) implementation of the UNC/CFC & USFK CASOP in response to Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) events depicting a crisis scenario in the Korean theater. RT 02-2 will focus on events leading to UFL 02 and will set the strategic and operational conditions for UFL 02. The CAT will operate from CC Seoul until transition to CP Tango. USFK Main (M), ROK JCS, Components, Field Armies, and the US Embassy Political/Military staff will participate. C3 Exercise Division will form the primary exercise control cell that will replicate the peninsula forces and organizations not participating in the exercise. A scripted scenario will move the staff through the CASOP. An Observer/ AAR team will operate primarily from the CBSC at the Walker Center in Yongsan. Observers will assess exercise events at CC Seoul, CP Tango and USFK (M) and then will facilitate an AAR scheduled for 1400, 8 Aug 02 at CP Tango. The UNC/CFC & USFK CASOP provides the operational policies, procedures, and administrative guidance for the Combined Battle Staff and Crisis Action Team (CAT). The primary training audience for RT 02-2 consists of the CFC and USFK staff members designated as members of the CFC and USFK CAT and Combined Battle Staff (CBS). The exercise begins with the CAT forming under the conditions of the Scenario Development Message at CC Seoul. MSEL injects will begin at 050900 Aug 02 and end sometime 8 Aug 02. The Combined Exercise Control Staff (CECS) will operate from C3 ED, South Post Bunker, Bldg 5042 and will replicate all HQs not participating in the exercise and ROK Government agencies not role-played by ROK JCS. The CECS will inject exercise events via the Global Command and Control System- Korea (GCCS-K), Secure FAX, and DSN secure telephone. The RT 02-2 exercise messages and correspondence must include the phrase "Exercise Exercise Exercise Rapid Thunder 02-2" at the beginning and at the end. Prior to STARTEX, each staff section should ensure new staff personnel are familiar with CAT operations and procedures. Actual crisis action measures, war plans, and intelligence procedures are discussed and used during Rapid Thunder 02-2.

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