Exercises - Pacific Command

U.S. Pacific Command Each year US Pacific Command participates in more than 1,500 exercises and other engagement activities with foreign military forces. Maintaining an overseas military presence is a cornerstone of U.S. National Security Strategy and a key element of U.S. military policy of "shape, respond and prepare." The U.S. military role, reflected in the USCINCPAC Theater Engagement Plan, is far broader and more actively constructive in host countries than simply waiting for military action. Significant joint, combined and other smaller military exercises take place annually with Japan, Korea, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. Historically, efforts to promote multilateral cooperation on security issues in the Asia-Pacific region were based upon regional linkages, such as SEATO, FPDA, etc. In contrast, Enhanced Regional Cooperation is designed to promote capable groupings of willing nations based along either regional or functional affiliations, which are capable of responding to security challenges.

NAME Type Cost $M Frequency Date Host
Angkor Sentinel FTX
Artic Sarex FTX 0 Cambodia
Balance Iroquois SOCEX India
Balance Torch SOCEX
Balikatan FTX/CPX 2.4
Cobra Gold CPX/FTX 20.7
Commando Sling FTX 0.1
Cooperation From the Sea FTX 0
Cope India FTX
Cope Tiger FTX/CPX 1.2
Courageous Channel
Ellipse Charlie FTX 1.6
Foal Eagle FTX 17.6
Freedom Banner
Frequent Storm FTX 1.7 Thailand
Garuda Shield FTX
Geronimo Thrust FTX India
Hong Kong Sarex SAREX 0.5
Keen Edge
Keen Sword FTX 12.7
Keris Strike FTX
Kernel Blitz FTX
Key Resolve CPX 8.7
Key Resolve/Foal Eagle CPX/FTX
Khaan Quest FTX
Kingfisher CPX 1.6
Koolendong FTX
Max Thunder FTX biannual ROK
Northern Edge FTX 0
Orient Shield FTX
Pacific Pathways FTX
Pacific Reach FTX ROK
Pacific Partnership FTX annual Pac AOR
Philippine Bilateral Exercises FTX 0
Philippine Interoperability Exchange FTX 0
Pitch Black FTX
Rapid Thunder CPX
Sumo Tiger Oct Bangladesh
Talisman Saber biennial Jun Australia
Talon Vision FTX Oct Philippines
Tandem Thrust FTX 15.0
Team Challenge FTX
Team Spirit FTX
Tempest Express CPX 0.2
Tempo Brave CPX 0.9
Tiger Balm FTX
Ulchi-Freedom Guardian CPX annual August
Ulchi-Focus Lens CPX 13.1
Vigilant Ace FTX WESTPAC
Yama Sakura FTX

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