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Operation Cobweb
[Multinational Division Central-South]

May 6-10, 2005

Operation Cobweb was a Multi-National Divison Central-South operation that took place in the northern part of Iraq's Wasit province from May 6-10 2005.

The operation, which involved soldiers from the 1st Polish Brigade Combat Team, the 8th Iraqi Division and the 19th Iraqi Brigade, was aimed at finding and capturing anti-Iraqi forces located in that part of the country.

MNF-I claimed that, as a result of the operation, terrorists group that organized terrorist attacks in the south of Baghdad city were liquidated. Twenty-nine individuals were detained while forty kinds of guns were confiscated in addition to explosive materials being found. Clockwork time fuses, propaganda materials, including films that showed executions of some Iraqi Internal Ministry officials, and other materials concerning anti-coalition and anti-Iraqi administration activities were also reported to have been found.

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