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Operation Allied Force - Order of Battle - June 1999

The following table summarizes the best available (and likely incomplete) information concerning the composition and disposition of these forces circa June 1999. The disposition and composition of the US forces was probably about as close as contemporary OPSEC limitations would permit, and with the exception of a few squadron assignments had about the right number of the right types of aircraft at more or less the right locations (though the bed-down locations of newly deploying aircraft at the time would require further clarification).

This unofficial estimate was not and could be authoritative, but rather it represents a "best guess" assessment at the time based on a variety of official and unofficial sources, and was subject to revision and update.

Initially US Air Force elements were disposed among 16th Air Expeditionary Wing and the 31st Air Expeditionary at Aviano Air Base, Italy; the 86th Air Expeditionary at Ramstein Air Base, Germany; and 100th Expeditionary Air Refueling Wing at RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. In early May 1999, reflecting the continued buildup of forces and the need to retain effective span of command, additional Expeditionary Wings were formed, largely from units previously assigned to the 16th Air Expeditionary Wing.

Operation Allied Force Aircraft

The number of aircraft indicated reflects allocations to the Allied Force Air Tasking Order, rather than the total number of aircraft in theater or associated with a particular unit.
Aircraft shaded in grey are committed but not yet deployed.
Aircraft shaded in gold are deployed in-theater, but not committed to Allied Force. In some instances, these aircraft remain allocated to Operation Deliberate Forge activities.
Country Number Aircraft Unit Location
TOTAL ~1055
18 F-15E 4th Fighter Wing Balikesir, Turkey
18 F-15E 4th Fighter Wing Balikesir, Turkey
12 F-16C/J 20th Fighter Wing Bandirma, Turkey
20 KC-135 Incirlik, Turkey
36 16th Air Expeditionary Wing
12 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-31 Taszar
12 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-31 Taszar
5 KC-135 940th Air Refueling Wing Istres
-0- U-2 16th Expeditionary Op Group Istres
5 U-2 16th Expeditionary Op Group NAS Sigonella
2 RQ-1A 11th Expd Recon Sq Tuzla
~120 31st Air Expeditionary Wing Aviano
12 F-117 Aviano
5 F-15E 494 Exped Fighter Sq / 48th Wing Aviano
-0- F-15C 52nd Fighter Wing Aviano
24 F-16C/J 20th Fighter Wing Aviano
30 F-16C/J 52nd Fighter Wing Aviano
10 F-16C 510 Fighter Sq Aviano
555 Fighter Sq Aviano
19 F-16C 510 Fighter Sq Aviano
19 F-16C 555 Fighter Sq Aviano
6 F-16CJ 22 Fighter Sq Aviano
18 F-16CJ 23 Fighter Sq Aviano
0 F/A-18 VMFA(AW)-332 Aviano
5 EA-6B VMAQ-2 Aviano
3 EA-6B VMAQ-1 Aviano
5 EA-6B VAQ-134 Aviano
~8 EA-6B ??????? Aviano
2 EA-6B Atlantic Command Aviano
2 EA-6B 2092 Tac El War Sq ?Aviano
7 EA-6B VAQ-138 Aviano
2 EC-130H Compass Call 355th Wing Aviano
5 EC-130 ABCC 603d Air Control Sq Aviano
2 KC-135 Aviano
46 48th Air Expeditionary Wing
20 F-15E 492 Fighter Sq / 48th Fighter Wing Aviano
20 F-15C 493 Fighter Sq / 48th Fighter Wing Cervia-San Giorgio
6 F-15C PACAF RAF Lakenheath
76 52nd Air Expeditionary Wing
24 F-16CJ 20th Fighter Wing Spangdahlem
12 F-117 Spangdahlem
18 A-10 52nd Fighter Wing / 81st Exped Sq Gioia Del Colle
4 OA-10 20th Fighter Wing Gioia Del Colle
6 A-10 104th Fighter Wing Gioia Del Colle
6 A-10 110th Fighter Wing Gioia Del Colle
6 A-10 124th Fighter Wing Gioia Del Colle
~50 60th Air Expeditionary Wing
2 E-8 JSTARS 93rd Air Control Wing Rhein-Main AB
2 KC-10 9th Air Refueling Squadron Rhein Main
6 KC-135R117th Air Refueling Wing RAF Brize Norton
6 KC-135R128th Air Refueling Wing RAF Brize Norton
6 KC-135R161st Air Refueling Wing Various locations:
RAF Brize Norton
RAF St Morgan
Ferihegy, Hungary
14 KC-135R171st Air Refueling Wing
7 KC-135R434th Air Refueling Wing
0 KC-135R927th Air Refueling Wing
0 KC-135R931st Air Refueling Group
8 KC-135R940th Air Refueling Wing
7 86th Air Expeditionary / Airlift Wing Ramstein
7 C-130 TRANSCOM Rhein Main ?
~115 92nd Air Expeditionary Wing
25 KC-135 TRANSCOM ?Mont DeMarson
20 KC-135R Moron AB
5 KC-10 Moron AB
~45 KC-135 ??
8 KC-135 141st Air Refueling Wing ??
7 KC-135 151st Air Refueling Wing ??
5 KC-135 16th Expeditionary Op Group NAS Sigonella
~70 100th Air Expeditionary Wing
16 B-52 2nd Bomb Wing RAF Fairford
2 B-52 5th Bomb Wing RAF Fairford
5 B-1B 77th Bomb Squadron RAF Fairford
4 E-3 AWACS 552nd Air Control Wing Geilenkirchen AB
5 RC-135 RAF Mildenhall
5 KC-135 22nd Air Refueling Sq RAF Fairford
15 KC-135 351st Air Refueling Sq RAF Mildenhall
10 KC-135 911th Air Refueling Sq RAF Mildenhall
9 KC-135 TRANSCOM RAF Brize-Norton
19 Special Operations Command Brindisi
2 AC-130 Brindisi
2 EC-130E Volant Solo Brindisi
3 MC-130 Brindisi
10 MH-53 Brindisi
2 MH-60 Brindisi
6 509th Bomb Wing Brindisi
6 B-2 Whiteman AFB
~130 Navy
14 F-14A VF-14 USS Theodore Roosevelt
14 F-14A VF-41 USS Theodore Roosevelt
12 F/A-18C VFA-15 USS Theodore Roosevelt
12 F/A-18C VFA-87 USS Theodore Roosevelt
4 EA-6B VAQ-141 USS Theodore Roosevelt
8 S-3B VS-24 USS Theodore Roosevelt
6 SH-60 HS-3 USS Theodore Roosevelt
5 E-2C VAW-124 USS Theodore Roosevelt
2 C-2A VRC-40 USS Theodore Roosevelt
8 AV-8B USS Kearsarge
12 CH-46 USS Kearsarge
9 CH-53 USS Kearsarge
2 UH-46D USS Inchon
8 MH-53E USS Inchon
2 KC-130 VMGR-252 Bari, Italy
~2 P-3C VQ-2 Rota
~2 EP-3 VQ-2 Rota
24 AH-64A 11th Aviation Rgmt ~ Tirana, Albania
~18 UH-60 ~ Tirana, Albania
~14 CH-47 ~ Tirana, Albania
? 24 AH-64A Germany & CONUS TBD
? 15 UH-60 Germany & CONUS TBD
? 11 CH-47 Germany & CONUS TBD
Other NATO ~325
7 F-16 Amendola AB
3 F-16AM (MLU) Amendola AB
18 CF-18 Aviano
9 F-16 Esk.730 Grazzanise
12 Jaguar Istrana
6 Mirage F1CR Istrana
10 Mirage F1CT Solenzara
3 Mirage IV-P Solenzara
8 Mirage 2000C Grosseto
15 Mirage 2000D Istrana
2 E-3F SDCA Avord
2 AS-330 HORIZON Kumanovo
1 C-160 Gabriel Istrana
6 KC-135 Istres
2 SA 330 PUMA CSAR Istrana
16 Super Etendard Foch - Adriatic
4 Etendard IV P Foch - Adriatic
8 F-8 Crusader Foch - Adriatic
2 Super Frelon Foch - Adriatic
8 Breguet Br 1050 Alize Foch - Adriatic
14 Tornado Piacenza
1 C-160 Landsberg
22 MiG-29 59th Regiment Kecskemt
20 MiG-21 31st Regiment Taszr
9 Su-22 31st Regiment Taszr
6 Tornado IDS Brescia-Ghedi
12 Tornado ECR/IDS Gioia del Colle
4 Tornado ECR/IDS Piancenza
6 F-104-ASA 9th Stormo Amdendola
4 F-104-ASA Cervia
6 AMX Istrana
1 Boeing 707/T Pratica di Mare
4 E-3A AWACS NATO AEW Force Trapani/Prevesa
14 F-16AM (MLU) 315 Squadron Amendola
6 F-16A Amendola
F-60 transport 334-squadron
2 KDC-10 334-squadron Eindhoven
6 F-16 various Grazzanise
3 F-16 Squadron 201 Aviano
6 EF-18 L'Ala de Caza 12 Aviano
1 KC-130 Aviano
1 CASA 212 Vicenza
11 F-16 Ghedi
18 F-16
2 L-1011 Ancona
5 VC-10 Ancona
12 Tornado Solenzara
16 Harrier GR-7 Gioia Del Colle
2 E-3D AWACS No. 8 AEW Aviano
1 Canberra PR-9 Gioia Del Colle

Operation Allied Force Navy Ships

As of 23 April 1999 only 20 of these ships were allocated to Operation Allied Force

Crew VLS Cells
CVG Roosevelt Carrier Battle Group358
USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 715680 0
USS Leyte Gulf CG-55 400 122
USS Vella Gulf CG-72 400 122
USS Ross DDG-71 340 90
USS Halyburton FFG 40300 0
USS Albuquerque SSN-70615012
USS Boise SSN-76415012
USS ArcticAOE 8667 0
SAG Surface Action Group34090
USS GonzalesDDG 66 340 90
ARG Amphibious Ready Group3,3750
USS Kearsarge LHA 32,875-0-
USS Ponce LPD 15420-0-
USS Gunston Hall LSD 4481-0-
MCM Mine Countermeasures Group1,4430
USS Inchon MCS 121,443-0-
STANAVFORMED NATO Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean 12
France Foch [aircraft carrier] 0
Cassard [frigate] 0
??????? [frigate] w/UK Group 0
??????? [frigate] w/UK Group 0
Meuse [patrol] 0
Amethiste [submarine] 0
Jules Verne (auxiliary) 0
Germany FGS Rheinland Pfalz [frigate] 0
Greece HS Kimon [destroyer] 0
Italy ITS Zeffiro [frigate] 0
Netherlands HNLMS Bloys van Treslong [frigate] 0
Hr Ms Rotterdam (Landing Platform Dock) 0
Hr Ms Dolfijn [diesel submarine] 0
Spain SPS Numancia [frigate] 0
Turkey TCG Muavenet [frigate] 0
United Kingdom HMS Newcastle [destroyer] 0
HMS Iron Duke [frigate] 0
HMS Grafton [frigate] 0
HMS Turbulent [nuclear submarine] 0
RFA Argus [aviation support ] 0
RFA Fort Austin [auxiliary] 0
Tomahawk-capable VLS Cells460
Tomahawks embarked?+ 300

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