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Exercises - Transportation Command

U.S. Transportation Command Military Sealift Command trains continuously for real-world contingencies by participating in Joint Chiefs of Staff, geographic Commanders-in-Chief, and Fleet Commanders' exercises. MSC played in or supported more than 65 exercises during FY 2000.

  • FY2000 Military Sealift Command Exercises
  • FY2001 Military Sealift Command Exercises

  • NAMETypeCost $MFrequencyDateHost
    Eastern Ready
    Global ArcherFTX/CPX0
    Global GuardianFTX/CPX1.9
    Joint Logistics Over-The-ShoreFTX
    Nifty Nugget
    Turbo Activation FTX1.7
    Turbo CADSFTX18.6
    Turbo ChallengeCPX0
    Turbo Intermodal SurgeFTX10.8
    Unified Charger

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