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ADC area damage control
AOR area of responsibility
ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program
ASP ammunition supply point
ASR alternate supply route
AXP ambulance exchange point
BAS battalion aid station
BCT brigade combat team
BDE brigade
BMO battalion maintenance officer
BMP a Threat fighting vehicle (Soviet)
BMT battalion maintenance technician
BRDM a Threat scout car (Soviet)
BSA brigade support area
BTR a Threat vehicle (Soviet)
C2 command and control
CA civil affairs
CACPControl and Assessment Control Post
CASEVAC casualty evacuation
CAT control and assessment team
CCIRcommander's critical information requirements
CCP casualty collection point
CHS combat health support
COLTscombat observation and laser team
CP command post
CSS combat service support
CTC Combat Training Center
DECON decontamination
DISCOM Division Support Command
DMMCDivision Materiel Management Center
DOW died of wounds
DS direct support
DSETSDirect Support Electronic Test System
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
FC Field Circular
FLE forward logistics element
FLOT forward line of own troops
FM Field Manual
FMC fully mission capable
FSB forward support battalion
FTCP field trains command post
FTX field training exercise
HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment
HIC high-intensity conflict
IAW in accordance with
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IRF internal reaction force
LD line of departure
LOGPACS logistics packages
LRU line replaceable unit
MASCAL mass casualty
MCO maintenance control officer
MCS maneuver control system
MDMP military decision-making process
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MHE material handling equipment
MILVANS military vans
MP Military Police
MSB military support battalion
MSR main supply route
MSRT mobile subscriber radio telephone
MST maintenance support team
NBC nuclear, biological and chemical
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOICnoncommissioned officer in charge
NSN national stock number
NVG night-vision goggle
O/C observer/controller
OPFOR opposing forces
OPSEC operations security
PCI pre-combat inspection
PL platoon leader
PLL prescribed load list
PLS palletized loading system
POI point of injury
PSG platoon sergeant
QA quality assurance
RTO radio telephone operator
RX reparable exchange
SAMS Standard Army Maintenance System
SARSS Standard Army Retail Supply System
SAW squad automatic weapon
SOP standing operating procedures
SPO support operations officer
SSA supply support activity
STX situational training exercise
TACSOP tactical standing operating procedures
TF task force
TOC tactical operations center
TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided
TSO transportation supply officer
TTPtactics, techniques and procedures
ULLS unit level logistics system
UMCP unit maintenance collection point
USAREUR United States Army Europe

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