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Glossary and Acronyms


AO: Area of Operations.


BiH: Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Composed of two entities: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republka Srpska.


Canton: A geographic area similar to a U.S. state made up of several opstinas. The cantonal level government directly appoints members of the Federation House of Peoples. The RS does not have cantons.

Condition for Free and Fair Elections: Threshold requirements as established by the Dayton Peace Accords which must be met before elections could occur in BiH. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, (OSCE), certified in June 1996, that these conditions had been met. The conditions consisted of a politically neutral environment; protection and enforcement of the right to vote in secret without fear or intimidation; freedom of expression and of the press; freedom of association, (including political parties); and freedom of movement.

Core Supervisor: OSCE employee with supervisory and logistics responsibility for supervisors and observers.


DP: Displaced Person. In Bosnia, DPs are considered to be people displaced from their homes during the war, but who elected not to flee to another country.


ECMM: European Community Monitoring Mission. The ECCM was established by the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe in July 1991. The ECMM monitors all aspects of the GFAP.

E Day: Elections Day/14 September 1996.

Entity: One of the two states that comprise the BiH. The Federation and the Republka Srpska are the two entities that comprise the BiH.


Federation: One entity of the BiH that is primarily composed of Muslims and Croats.

FOM: Freedom of Movement.

Form 1: A registration form that allows Bosnians to register to vote in the place where they resided in 1991. This form is primarily used to register to vote absentee because the individual's name is included automatically on the Provisional Voters' List (PVL) if he was counted in the 1991 census. If an individual's name is on the PVL, there is no need to file a registration form unless he does not plan to vote in person. A Bosnian may also file a Form 1 to register if his name was not initially included on the PVL.

Form 2: A registration form that allows a Bosnian to register to vote in a municipality where he did not live in 1991, but where he would like to live in the future. For the municipal elections, the Form 2 option may only be available to displaced persons residing in Bosnia and may not be open to refugees residing abroad. As of 2 October 1996, the PEC was deciding whether or not to change the rules regarding Form 2 for the municipal election process.

Form 3: Form 3 is an adjustment document. If someone is denied registration to vote, he can appeal the decision with Form 3.

Free and Fair Elections: The desired end state after voting ends on 14 September 1996.

FVL: Final Voters' List. A list used by LECs to check registration of voters during the Municipal Application Ballot Process and election day(s).

FWF: Former Warring Faction.


GFAP: General Framework for Peace.


IO: International Organizations such as the United Nations, UN High Commission for Refugees, etc.

IPTF: The International Police Task Force is a UN-managed program that assigns officers from its constituent members to provide law enforcement support to selected nations. IPTF responsibilities are covered in Annex 11 of the GFAP.


LEC: Local Election Commission. Responsible for management of voter registration, voting and counting of ballots. Composed of local nationals. There is generally one LEC per opstina responsible for all election activity in that opstina.


NGO: Non-Governmental Organization. Examples are Feed the Children, Norwegian People's Aid.


Observers: Persons from CIM under contract to OSCE to observe and report on the BiH election.

OHR: The Office of the High Representative is a United Nations Agency, appointed by the United Nations Security Council, as requested by the parties under the General Framework and Agreement for Peace (GFAP). The OHR coordinates the activities of all organizations and agencies involved in the civilian aspects of the GFAP. The OHR provides general guidance to the entities about the impact of their activities on the implementation of the peace settlement.

Opstina: A geographic area similar to a U.S. county. Several opstinas, sometimes referred to as municipalities, make up a canton, except in the RS which does not have cantons. There are 109 opstinas in Bosnia; several are split into multiple parts by the IEBL. There are 58 opstinas (including split opstinas) in Task Force Eagle's AOR. The responsibility of some opstinas are shared with other Multinational Divisions (MNDs).

OSCE: The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. An organization of 54 member states (including the U.S. and Canada) that monitors and encourages the settlement of disputes, arms control and assists emerging democracies.


PEC: Provisional Election Commission. Established by the GFAP Annex 3, Article III, as the decisionmaking body for the BiH elections. The PEC can overrule a LEC.

Polling Sets: Refers to the group of election equipment (i.e., screens, boxes, ink applicators, UV lights, ballots), representing the capacity to vote. One polling set should contain the capacity to serve 1,000 voters. A polling place may contain one or more polling sets.

Polling Places: Eight-digit grid reference location where voting occurs, regardless of the number of polling sets available at this location.

PVL: Provisional Voting List. List held by LECs with names of all registered voters residing in that particular opstina.

PVO: Private Volunteer Organization.


Refugee: A Bosnian who fled to another country to escape the effects of the war.

ROE: Rules of Engagement.

RS: Republka Srpska. The second entity comprising the BiH and largely consisting of Serbs.


Supervisors: OSCE employees who are authorized under GFAP to observe the election process in BiH to ensure free and fair elections. Given authority to intervene if situation threatens free and fair elections.


UNCA: United Nation Civil Affairs is a United Nations agency composed of professional diplomats. UNCA officers are the senior UN personnel in BiH. The UNCA is involved in meditations and meetings regarding BiH political issues.

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The UNHCR was established in 1951. The UNHCR's purpose is to assist displaced persons and refugees.


Voter Routes: Routes previously approved by the Ministers of Internal Affairs, which focus upon local law enforcement resources and ensure that voters can safely move from one opstina to another (and across the IEBL), to vote in designated polling places. Voting routes consist of a start point, a bus load area, a search area, polling places along the route and a termination point with a bus turn-around area.


WOS: The Women of Srebrenica are an activist group composed of the relatives of the men killed by the Serbs in Srebrenica in 1995.

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