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Lessons Learned Division:  Combat Training Center Branch
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Research Division

To achieve maximum value from the Army's lessons learned program, every soldier or unit must be able to easily access the lessons and information gained from CALL's finely-tuned collection, analysis, and publication process. Perhaps, even more important, that same soldier or unit should be provided the opportunity to participate in the process. Effective use of emerging telecommunications and computer communication technologies is the key to providing access to the lessons learned process. As these technologies continue to mature, CALL will capitalize on the efficiency that they add to disseminating information and communicating with units in the field.


To provide automation equipment infrastructure support to CALL and to facilitate data collection and processing and to speed dissemination of lessons to the Total Army through the Gateway from various data bases and the Web.


The primary tool to aid the collection and analysis process is the CALL Collection and Observation Management System (CALLCOMS). This software application assists the Combined Arms Assessment Team (CAAT) in formulating collection plans and categorizing observations. The robust search, sort, and filtering capabilities assist the analyst and simplify trend identification. CALLCOMS can run on a stand-alone PC for individual users or observations can be transmitted using the file transfer protocol (FTP) back to the CALL Network to better support the massive amount of data collected by a CAAT. All analyzed and approved data produced using CALLCOMS is fed into the CALLCOMS database. Final reports are generated using these observations and a final product is produced and placed in the CALL data base for Web accessibility. The major emphasis of the continued development of CALLCOMS is to make it a tool by which units and individual soldiers/officers can participate in the CALL process. The free distribution of the CALLCOMS software application to units and schools provides the means to influence the process.


The automation process aids publication and dissemination of products by speeding production and distribution. Although products will continue to be produced in paper format for the foreseeable future, first priority for dissemination is through the Web. CALL supports the four main segments of electronic distribution: E-mail, Web, CALL data base, and the CALLCOMS data base.

CALL can be reached through the following methods:

fax: (c) 913-684-9564/4387 (DSN) 552-9564/4387
voice: (c) 913-684-9550/9556 (DSN) 552-9550/9556

CALL on the Web

Using the URL listed above, customers can access the CALL Home Page and, if users so desire, access to the CALL data base can be accomplished by completing the CALL registration form on line. After completing the CALL registration form, customers can send it electronically to CALL via the submit button located on the registration form. The CALL Executive Officer and the Customer Assistance Branch then review the application, verify who the customer is, and either returns a password to approved users through the U.S. Postal Service or notifies applicants that their application was denied. The password allows approved users access to the CALL data base.

Lessons Learned Division:  Combat Training Center Branch
Table of Contents
Research Division

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