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Research Division
Table of Contents
The Gateway for the Center for Army Lessons Learned Provides Operational and Training Lessons Learned, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) and Research Material!

World Wide Web Address:

Central to CALL's mission to disseminate lessons and relevant Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) is the CALL GATEWAY. This Gateway is the electronic entrance to a virtual information center designed for and by military users. The ambitious goal is to be a "one-stop shop" center where military users can quickly find the information they need to improve training, prepare for a contingency operation, or gather research information.

Currently the Gateway appears as a normal "Homepage" on the Internet ( This allows easy access to a wide range of users, from official accounts in TRADOC Schools to Platoon Sergeants using AOL at home. Future improvements will make the Gateway significantly more than a normal Homepage, but CALL is committed to maintaining the familiar, user-friendly Internet interface.

The foundations of the Gateway are the CALL products available on line and the Internet search capability. CALL has several hundred of its own newsletters and other lessons learned products available on line. These include the popular News From the Front!, CTC Quarterly Bulletin, and CTC Trends, as well as the single subject newsletters such as the very useful Military Decision Making. Users can quickly search these documents, or expand their search to include many other military web sites that include good TTP or doctrinal products. The search engine is both powerful, with several advanced options, and fast.

CALL ProductsCALL publications provide lessons, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP), and information for the U.S. Army Soldier. The products are based on collection efforts directed at the Combined Arms Training Centers (CTCs), units, real-world operations, and Army exercises. Examples of the products include: Newsletters, CTC Bulletins and Trends, Handbooks and News From the Front!, a bi-monthly multiple subject bulletin. For a description of each CALL product, refer to Lessons Learned Division section, Other Analytical Requirements and Products.
CALL Database
(Restricted Access)
This database is For Official Use Only (FOUO). The main CALLDB page provides a link to the CALLDB Access Request Form. Access can then be requested on line by completing an application. It can be used by approved users (DOD Government Employees and U.S. Military Personnel). The database contains a number of filerooms; examples include: CALL fileroom, Combined Arms and Fort Leavenworth Archives, Operation DESERT SHIELD­DESERT STORM­Gulf War, Operation JUST CAUSE­Panama, Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY­Haiti, CTCs, and Vietnam War Interview Archive.
Training & DoctrineThis subarea under the CALL Website contains products associated with training and doctrine. Some examples include: the CALL Training Quarterly Bulletin, an on­line publication for the exchange of TTP for units and unit trainers; and publications on Joint Doctrine.
Operations ResourcesTo assist the commander in accomplishing the mission, provide for focused soldier training, and support the military researcher, CALL provides several links to differing agencies. Some examples include: the United Nations, State Department, Other Services, Military History, Logistics, and Humanitarian Relief Links.
ThesauriIncluded in this area is CALL's Thesaurus, the Army Training Digital Library (ATDL) Acronym Search, the DoD Dictionary of Military Terms, and Jane's Defence Glossary.
SchoolsTo add to the knowledge base and provide a perspective on other service current and past operations, this subarea in the Website provides links to several other service schools. Examples are: National, Joint Service, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force Schools.
News ServicesThe U.S. and International News subarea includes links to CNN, Fox, MSNBC News, and other news agencies.
Communicate w/CALLTo provide the soldier with a mechanism to communicate directly with CALL, this subarea provides the ability to comment on the CALL Website, request for information, and input lessons learned. Additionally, this page provides a brief history of CALL.
Search EnginesTo facilitate searches and limit the time involved with a search for particular information and lessons, CALL provides several search mechanisms. They include such search drivers as the CALL Search (limited to the CALL Website) and the CALL Catalog Server which searches multiple commands, research facilities, and schools.
Army HomepageThis Homepage is linked to the CALL site to provide current information that impacts on Army life along with new initiatives and monthly major U.S. Army activities.

Web Page: CALL Database (CALL DB) Registration Form

Web Page: FileRoom: Operation Just Cause - Panama 1989-1990

Web Page: CALL DB Search; FileRoom: Center for Army Lessons Learned

Research Division
Table of Contents

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