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  • Officially invite designated attendees. JCOs can assist in determining points of contacts and provide advice.

  • Determine agenda and coordinate with parties prior to JMC meeting. (At the conclusion of the initial meeting, a proposed agenda for the next meeting should be ready for discussion):

  • Example Agenda
  1. Welcome and introductions.
  2. Press photo opportunity (to document attendees).
  3. Provide information and/or handouts. These items may include the following:
    * Past agenda items and previous meeting issues
    * Copies of the treaty or policy statements (if first meeting or if new developments since last communications with factions)
    * List of violations noted
  4. Discuss key compliance issues:
    * Actions and Deadlines
    * Map/Chart review
  5. Factions discuss compliance, points of concern.
  6. Summarize agreed-on items.
  7. Schedule next meeting.
  8. Close meeting.
  9. Press release, with document and equipment handover in press' view.

  • Plan for interpreters; prepare name boards for the meeting table. Establish means and procedures to collect accurate names and positions of attendees.

  • Determine transportation requirements for attendees. At least one party will end up in "former enemy" territory. Coordinate party arrival times to avoid embarrassment. Send enough transport with security for the party that comes to the meeting venue that is located in former enemy territory. Develop traffic flow and parking plan.

  • Secure the JMC site from direct and indirect fires (if possible). Check and clear mine and other hazards. Establish area, site, and route security.

  • Develop a traffic plan that integrates general traffic requirements for attendees: arrival, parking, and departure. Coordinate with JCOs for removal of local parties' soldiers, as necessary.

  • Establish transportation control points as necessary.

  • Coordinate transportation and arrival plan with attendees.

  • Develop parking plan for nonparticipating elements such as media, support elements, and uninvited visitors.
  • Develop a plan for meeting adjournment actions, including media interface and exit of attendees.

  • Establish a communications cell.

  • Develop a media escort plan. Designate press escorts. Prepare a press area separate from the parties' waiting area. Parties may choose to talk to media representatives in the press area, but the media members should not be allowed to violate the privacy of the parties' waiting area. Prepare a press release, if appropriate.

Appendix A: Mission Analysis: Measures of Success Matrix
Appendix C: Techniques and Procedures for Conducting JMC Meetings

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