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Chapter I


This is the year of the NCO, and it is most appropriate that CALL publish a newsletter focusing in on NCO Lessons Learned. By sifting through experiences from history, training exercises and the Combat Training Centers, CALL has developed lessons learned for the NCOs on the modern battlefield--a battlefield that is growing more and more complicated. It follows that our NCOs must be more proficient than ever in their leadership skills and tactical and technical proficiency. Despite high technology, the basic themes of NCO leadership remain relatively unchanged. Some of these themes addressed in this newsletter are:

- The NCO as trainer, mentor and coach.

- Specific leadership responsibilities of the NCO.

- The NCO as an enforcer of discipline.

- The NCO who constantly checks on and talks to soldiers.

- The NCO ready to take charge at a moment's notice.

- The NCO as a tactically proficient professional.

- The NCO who cares for soldiers by training them HARD with tough, demanding and challenging high standards.

- The NCO is as important on the battlefield today as he was in the past. A few historical examples of the NCO will help emphasize some aspects of his importance.

Table of Contents
Chapter II: Historical Prespective

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