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Positive Performance

* 4.2 Risk assessment during planning and preparation (II-24)

* 4.4.1 Engineer battalion operations orders (II-24)

* 4.4.1 Engineer company commander adherence to 1/3 - 2/3 planning rule (II-24)

Need Emphasis

* 4.1 Artillery firing battery SOP adherence (II-25)

* 4.1 TOC battle tracking (II-25,26)

* 4.1.3 Information from field artillery HHQ to subordinate units (II-26)

* 4.1.3 Obstacle plan materiels coordination, status tracking and reporting timeliness (II-26,27)

* 4.1.3 Task Force TOC tracking of tank plow status (II-27)

* 4.2 Aviation FSO anticipation of artillery assets early enough in the planning process (II-27,28)

* TF staff situation update briefs to commander during mission analysis brief (II-28)

* 4.3 TF staff integration for wargaming and course of action development (II-28,29)

* 4.3 Engineer battalion staff parallel planning process (II-29)

* 4.4 Co/TM conduct of Pre-combat inspections and checks on unit equipment (II-28,29)

* 4.4 TF FSO planning and tracking defensive preparation (II-29,30)

* 4.4 12B/12F/62E individual tasks and enforcement of tactical discipline (II-30)

* 4.4.1 TF staff timeline detail (II-30)

* 4.4.1 Execution matrices and Decision-support products:quality and integration with higher (II-31)

* 4.4.1 Problems specifying desired fire support effects (II-31,32)

* 4.4.1 Field artillery staff supervision of subordinate elements (II-32,33)

* 4.4.1 CSS unit use of the Tactical Decision Making Process (II-33)

* 4.4.2 Co/TM operations orders, preparation and dissemination (II-33)

* 4.4.5 Central control by brigade of field artillery counterfire (II-34)

* 4.4.5 Attack helicopter battalion use of ground maneuver plans to develop aviation plans (II-34)

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