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Stability OPS in the Western Hemisphere

Newsletter 11-15
February 2011

CALL Newsletter 11-15: Stability OPS in the Western Hemisphere

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This newsletter is a collection of articles focused on stability operations in the Western Hemisphere, specifically in Central and South America. Today, stability operations in Afghanistan and Iraq rightfully receive the lion's share of our attention, priority, and media coverage. However, there are challenges, potential dangers, and future threats immediately south of our country that merit our attention and continuous observation and evaluation. Also, there are observations, insights, and lessons from the United States Southern Command area of responsibility that are directly applicable to all combatant commands, including our two current combat theaters.

The countries in Central and South America present unique challenges for policymakers and military leaders in terms of cultural, economic, geographic, historic, political, and security dimensions. The articles in this newsletter cover a range of issues with a specific intent on establishing best practices and lessons learned. The articles should not be considered all-inclusive. The newsletter is an effort to capture relevant articles published in recent professional journals and from Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) and other joint archives to inform Soldiers on relevant issues, successes, and failures and to provide a historical document for future reference.

In many instances, the ideas presented in these articles are personal opinion and in some cases not approved Army doctrine. The recommendations in these articles should always be validated with the latest approved Army and joint doctrine.

CALL acknowledges and thanks the professional journals and the authors who permitted the reprinting of these articles and who were, in some instances, personally involved in assisting CALL in the formatting process.

(CALL editor's note: Minor modifications to format were made to support the CALL newsletter format. In some instances, pictures not referenced in the narrative were deleted to save space. Additionally, biographies were eliminated to avoid release of personal information.)

CALL 11-15 Newsletter [PDF]

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