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Iraq Provincial Reconstruction Team Handbook

Handbook 11-03
December 2010

CALL Handbook 11-03: Iraq Provincial Reconstruction Team Handbook

Appendix D - Work Plans Directive

Office of Provincial Affairs (OPA)

OPA Directive 003: PRT Work Plans
December 25, 2009

1. Purpose. This directive provides direction and guidance to the OPA, the provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) and regional reconstruction teams (both referred to as PRTs), and embedded PRTs for the completion and submission of the quarterly PRT work plans. This memorandum replaces the work plan guidance issued in OPA Directive 002. The guidance in OPA Directive 002 that pertains to the maturity model assessment is still valid.

2. Action. All PRT leaders are responsible for the submission of quarterly PRT work plans for their assigned province. PRT leaders will incorporate relevant embedded PRT input in their overall PRT work plans. Embedded PRTs are not required to submit a separate work plan to OPA. OPA desk officers are the team's main points of contact for work plans. OPA plans and assessment will serve as the coordinating office.

3. PRT work plan information. PRTs shall utilize the PRT work plan as a PRT management tool, a guide to discussion and formulation of the team's strategy, and a means to ensure all team activities are in support of the joint common plan (JCP). To facilitate weekly reporting, the work plan format attached at Enclosure 1 mirrors the general format of the PRT weekly report (situation report). All PRT members should review the JCP to ensure the work plan development process is guided by the intent to further the objectives stated in the JCP.

4. PRT work plan and the maturity model. The primary purpose of this directive is to de-link the work plan from the maturity model. If it chooses to do so, a PRT can still complete the work plan as part of the maturity model assessment process. The maturity model is a statement of the PRT understanding of Iraqi civil capacity in specified areas. That information can in certain instances assist the PRT to determine appropriate PRT activities.

5. Link to quick response funding. Quick response funds will not be approved for any project not listed in the work plan of the PRT requesting funds.

6. Responsibilities.

a. Team leaders:
(1) Prepare and submit work plans in accordance with the quarterly schedule.
(2) Follow the instructions for completing the work plan (Enclosure 1). Team leaders may depart from the format of the template if they retain the components embedded in the example. The OPA plans office is the approval agency for clearing work plan format derivations.
(3) Ensure their paired military units (brigade combat teams/advise and assist brigades) receive a copy of the PRT work plan and are consulted for suggested input.
b. OPA desk officer:
(1) Understands the work plan and its relation to the JCP.
(2) Ensures each PRT completes a quarterly work plan review and changes are submitted to OPA in accordance with Enclosure 1.
c. OPA plans and assessments staff. The staff is responsible for monitoring work plans to ensure they support the JCP and OPA director's guidance.
d. OPA program finance staff. The staff ensures any projects for which a PRT is requesting quick response funds are listed in the PRT's work plan before approving funding.
Office of Provincial Affairs

Enclosure 1: Work Plan Template

Enclosure 1: PRT Work Plan Template

























This format is a departure from the previous OPA work plan format in which PRTs provided possible resolutions to all items indicated in the maturity model analysis as areas where the Iraqis were less than "self-reliant." While the maturity model remains a valuable analytical tool for the PRTs, the PRT mission in each province must be shaped not by a single analytical tool but by the JCP, existing security situation, Iraqi willingness to cooperate, PRT resources, and other events on the ground in each province.

The primary benefit of any work plan is the process by which it is generated. PRTs will be encouraged to make the quarterly work plan development process one of deliberation and cooperation by the entire interagency, including paired military units. The "outcome achieved" section of the work plan will be completed at the end of each quarter to provide the team and the interagency with a better understanding of the costs and benefits of the PRT program.

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