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Agribusiness Development Teams (ADT) in Afghanistan Handbook

Handbook 10-10
November 2009

CALL Handbook 10-10: Agribusiness Development Teams (ADT) in Afghanistan Handbook

Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority Checklists

Appendix A

The transition from the outgoing agribusiness development team (ADT) to the incoming ADT is called relief in place/transfer of authority (RIP/TOA). Done correctly, the RIP/TOA allows the departing team to "pass the baton" to the incoming team with minimal interruption. Initially, the only change should be different faces and identifying patches on uniforms.

RIPs/TOAs follow the "right-seat/left-seat ride" concept; the incoming team shadows the outgoing team to observe the process-with a transition to the incoming team performing the mission and the outgoing team shadowing the incoming team to ensure understanding of the process.

Following are key areas that should be addressed during the RIP/TOA. They may apply to the incoming team, the outgoing team, or both.

  • Drive and vehicle equipment training
  • Property accountability and property book transfer
  • Theater-unique briefings and departure briefings
  • Key leader meet (ADT, provincial reconstruction team, brigade combat team, etc.)
  • Key leader meet (government and local leaders, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Agency for International Development, nongovernmental organizations, etc.)
  • Forward operating base facilities orientation
  • Interpreter introductions
  • Interpreter management
  • Counter improvised explosive device training and orientation
  • Mail clerk training
  • Commander's Emergency Response Program process review
  • Theater medical policies and processes
  • Communications security and information technology support
  • Communications equipment and support orientation
  • Radio operator responsibilities
  • Fusion cell orientation
  • Security team orientation
  • Agriculture subject matter expert orientation
  • Vehicle orientation (load plans, crew drills, recovery, night driving/training, and mission planning)
  • Key leader visit planning
  • Individual project orientation
  • ADT battle rhythm
  • Information operations orientation
  • Orders and reporting processes/requirements
  • Emergency leaves and extensions
  • Premission planning and fragmentary orders
  • Awards, badges, policy letters, and appointment orders orientation
  • Contracting and resource management orientation
  • Field ordering officer and paying agent orientation
  • Vehicle maintenance and recovery orientation
  • Visits to project and demonstration sites
  • Weapons and equipment program orientation
  • Cargo customs and inspection orientation
  • After action reviews, patrol debriefs, and trip reports orientations
  • Awards and memorial service ceremonies

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