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CALL Newsletter 04-13
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Chapter 4: Combat Service Support
Topic F: Health Service Support

Subtopic 17: Wheeled Ambulance Availability

Observation Synopsis

In a non-linear urban environment, many maneuver units want wheeled evacuation assets. The FSMC's wheeled ambulances go forward of the maneuver unit's BAS. Additionally, since the FSMC is only authorized four wheeled ambulances, there were not enough to go around.

Lessons Learned

  • Maneuver task forces need to utilize non-standard platforms and need to either be resourced additional wheeled platforms from APS stocks or authorized wheeled platforms.

DOTMLPF Implications

Organization: Maneuver medical platoons need to be authorized two wheeled ambulances and FSMCs need to be authorized an additional two for a total of six wheeled ambulances.

Table of Supporting Observations

Observation Title CALLCOMS
File Number
Wheeled Ambulance Availability 10001-48965

Table of Contents
Chapter 4-Topic F-Subtopic 16: Class VIII Management
Appendix A - Table of Supporting Observations

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