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CALL Newsletter 04-13
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

OIF Table of Supporting Observations

Observation Title CALLCOMS
File Number
CPA - Military expectations 10001-01732
Use of Maps 10000-37370
CMOCs need to be advised of Iraqi detainees 10000-26307
Task force assuming ministerial responsibilities 10000-09857
Area knowledge and language capability is critical in Iraq 10000-83709
PAO Messages 10000-84767
Weapons 10000-22970
Communications in convoy ops 10001-89551
Utilization of NVG(night vision goggle) 10001-04895
Bridge erection boats 10000-34188
BDTs 10000-92308
Water Operations from the DISCOM Perspective 10000-01288
IO impact on IED 10000-11357
IO Synchronization and time line 10000-05242
CSS Convoy Protection from the DISCOM Perspective 10000-34960
Small Arms Support of Local Militia and Police Forces 10000-24590
Insufficient Intelligence Collection for CSS Force Structure 10000-43056
Counterpropaganda 10000-00749
EW assets available to division 10000-12020
Intelligence collection to support MOE analysis of IO 10000-14882
OSINT Media Analysis 10000-25805
Engagement Activities 10000-04742
Counterpropaganda 10000-20966
IO PIRs 10000-13728
Local Audience Engagement 10000-07738
Nontraditional Collection 10000-22464
Cultural Awareness 10000-13104
Contract support 10001-37280
Captured enemy ammunition mission. 10000-03058
Police the battlefield 10001-32678
Constructing entrances and traffic control devices at forward operating bases 10000-51480
Non-existent Long-Range Communications for CSS Force Structure 10000-40755
Sterilization of STAMIS (SARSS) Boxes 10001-29593
Awaiting CPA direction slowed civil administration progress 10000-03026
Development of a Project Coordination Cell 10000-48321
Division G5 Section not fully staffed 10001-54627
CA Brigades need to modify its current organization 10000-42682
Civilian skill set database unused 10001-60150
More training needed in establishing a civil administration 10002-13408
Tribalism is a means to an end 10000-42998
Mobilization NBC Training gave soldiers confidence in protective mask 10000-64210
Collateral Damage 10001-29730
CA response with regard to detaining the relatives of suspects 10000-38938
CTC experience was the best training in preparation of the mission 10000-43115
Tribal leaders 10000-53235
Cultural Awareness 10000-20736
IO Training 10000-29184
Measures of Effectiveness 10000-54320
Staffing 10001-16788
Human Factors Analysis 10000-03924
Senior Officer Education 10002-04160
Linguists 10000-43120
Hardware Repair Parts 10000-13555
Vulnerable STAMIS Hardware 10001-16899
Insufficient Range Capability of FBCB2 to support the CSS Force Structure 10000-29668
Class VIII Medical Re-Supply 10000-03182
Medical Issues - Medical Logistics Personnel 10000-04100
Combat Lifesavers (CLS) 10000-43949
Field Sanitation Teams 10000-97566
Laundry Services 10000-15725
Medical Hazardous Waste 10000-51660
Stretchers 10000-20588
Patient Transport 10000-34104
Medical Communications 10000-84000
CMO mission statements lack a purpose 10000-03271
Medical Communications (Internal) 10000-07560
Personal Protection (Weapons) for Medics 10000-57456
Medic Bags 10001-00800
Water distribution on the Battlefield for the AOE BCT under Force XXI 10000-45797
Shooting at Civilian Vehicles 10000-35897
Assessments 10000-75348
Contracts 10000-20790
Cultural Awareness 2 10001-85976
Customizing Message 10000-11109
IO Messages 10000-31584
Linguists2 10000-12012
Shortfalls in IO 10000-53147
Utilization of FET and FEST teams 10000-05292
Reach back to USACE 10000-03667
Unfulfilled Contracting Expectations 10000-08140
Tribal Policies 10000-97902
Situational Awareness 10001-55904
Spare Tires 10001-66219
Combat Lifesaver 10000-41202
Infantry training for all soldiers 10000-17136
Medevac Frequency 10001-05000
Brigade Media Analysis 10000-09139
Media on the Battlefield 10000-02419
Phased Movement Occupation and Split Based Configuration of Units in OIF. 10000-88406
Staff Relationships 10000-16128
PA Training 10000-06989
Flying altitude 10000-08131
Treatment of Remains Moved to Theater Collection Point 10000-14544
Forward Litter Ambulance (FLA) Utilization on the Battlefield in OIF 10002-51370
Laundry Advanced System (LADS) Improvements over M-85 Laundry Trailer 10000-05265
Effects of High Saline Content in the Water table on ROWPU Components 10001-07865
Soldier fighting positions 10000-19872
Headlights on HMMWVs 10000-10263
Laser sites on weapons 10001-21670
Construction workforce available in AOR. 10000-29348
Battalion IO 10000-81780
IO Planning 10000-33389
IOWG 10000-11449
IPB Process 10001-05468
TV/Radio Station 10000-12812
Additional FSB MTOE Equipment Requirements in OIF 10000-90160
Communications in the Medical Community 10001-75185
Force XXI Changes at the DMOC and the DSS 10000-83790
Class VIII Management 10001-26430
Wheeled Ambulance Availability 10001-48965
Designated Chain of Command Within a Base Camp 10002-34416
Long-distance Communications in OIF. 10000-04312
Land Management within Base Camps 10001-01332
End of Fiscal Year Mass Cancellations During OIF 10000-75460
STAMIS VSAT Satellite Network in OIF 10000-42998
Describe integration of S5 into BDE Staff 10000-94047
Radio and Television Dissemination 10000-09574
Brigade IO 10000-34560
Brigade IOWG 10000-18576
IO Long and Short Term Planning 10000-09792
Command Emphasis on IO 10000-03456
Cultural Training 10000-43200
CA Staff Augmentation to Brigade Staff 10000-41328
PSYOP Activities 10000-26496
OPSEC Procedures 10000-00720
CMO boundaries are the same as maneuver boundaries 10000-15642
The doctrinal template of CA forces need to be re revised based on METT-TC 10000-49086
CA operators and S5s require training in project management 10000-08640
CA Elements require force protection augmentation 10000-04608
Employment of Junior CA NCOs 10003-02400
BN CDRs expectations for incoming CA forces 10000-13536
Describe coordination with the Coalition Provisional Authority 10002-03688
S5s serving also as commander 10000-46552
Foreign Weapons Training 10000-63840
Communications training 10000-10100
Involvement in MDMP 10000-38940
Staff Training 10000-66930
No CMO Annexes developed 10000-03200
Division IOWG 10000-02822
Division PSYOP Support 10000-46099
Dealing with Foreign Media 10000-86659
Media Operations Center 10000-09792
PAO Activities 10000-31008
IO Coordination 10000-20563
Using Media to Send IO Messages/Themes 10000-57120
Rotation Duration 10001-64070
Need for Translators 10000-90900
Task Force Neighborhood 10002-37475
Selection Support Team for Provincial Governments 10000-70200
Effects Coordination Cell 10001-10670
Raiding Mosques 10000-75600
Assessments 10001-55250
Building clearing in the IQ urban envir. 10002-74712
FOB Consolidation 10000-36353
Contractor Standards 10001-37445
Utilization of local leaders as an intelligence source. 10000-74970
Fuel convoy operations 10000-20089
Difficulty in receiving repair parts. 10000-46818
Vehicle service requirements 10001-49573
Fielding Ordering Officer (FOO) funds 10000-16998
Effective method for relief in place. 10002-34090
Forward Repair Activities in OIF 10000-85466
DODAAC/UIC and MMC Changeover for Deployment 10000-79764
Use of CL IX Expeditors 10001-44228
SSA Support in OIF 10000-05967
Warehousing From the DISCOM Perspective 10000-49419
Retrograde of Equipment in OIF 10000-37271
Communication Challenges in the Logistics Community during OIF 10000-75602
Training on Field Sanitation 10000-54475
Training on BCT logistics operations 10000-57502
Media Outlet Identification 10000-89440
Home Media 10000-87854
Leave Rotation 10000-77173
MOE and Assessment 10000-33869
Personal Iraqi Property 10001-26882
Division IOWG and Targeting Boards 10000-62208
Other Nation IO Training 10000-32832
Expectation Management 10000-44928
Division IO Focus 10000-05808
Mapping products 10002-03213
EOD units in the AOR 10000-26928
Sapper battalion versatility 10001-59544
Brigade/Group HQ too austere for full scale C2 across the full spectrum of 10001-01640
Reserve mobilization 10000-50600
Track and Tire Consumption in OIF 10000-54417
Materiel Handling Equipment (MHE) Maintenance in OIF 10000-19140
Providing Bulk Fuel to the Iraqi Civilian Population 10001-64835
Civilian Iraqi Bulk Fuel Management from a Coalition Perspective 10000-05841
Importance of Information Management for Coalition Transporters 10001-05952
Staffing of Contracts 10000-67221
Kuwaiti Translators 10001-21737
Recognition of geopolitical boundaries 10000-16880
Religious Holidays 10000-19008
Personal Contacts between G5 and S5s 10001-12860
Crew Served Weapons 10000-55550
Force Protection 10001-06590
Imam Targeting 10000-39479
IO Themes and Targets 10000-04224
Junior Officer Education 10000-71995
Newspaper 10001-89805
Staffing2 10000-72556
Governance tools for the commander 10001-95597
Good News 10000-65268
Operational Assessment 10000-23755
Over assessing 10000-43268
Need for formal S5 Training 10000-02576
Civil Affairs Battalion Functional Teams 10001-43582
Crowd Control Training 10000-25974
Writing orders 10001-31544
General Officer Steering 10001-66320
Post-TOA project 10000-29808
CMO training in advanced courses 10000-63990
Modified Ranges 10001-73280
Counter Remote controlled improvised explosive devices 10000-80028
CA Brigades do not have enough vehicles 10000-38304
CA Brigade rank structure 10000-01824
Need for more CA Companies and Teams 10001-12837
Issuing of DCUs 10000-03278
Use of Banners 10001-47379
CA teams elements were under equipped 10000-78432
CA as a force provider to CPA 10000-13862
CA command and support relationships 10000-43776
Surveys of Iraqi Populace 10000-67032
Linguists3 10000-52668
MOE2 10000-57815
Training in Field Sanitation 10000-41446
Training on BCT logistics operations 10000-42874
Media Outlet Identification 10000-47600
Home Media 10000-68190
Leave Rotation 10000-23746

Table of Contents
Chapter 4-Topic F-Subtopic 17: Wheeled Ambulance Availability
Appendix B - VTC Briefing

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