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CALL Newsletter 04-13
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Chapter 4: Combat Service Support
Topic C: Sustain the Force

Subtopic 1: Additional Forward Support Battalion (FSB) MTOE Equipment Requirements in OIF

Observation Synopsis

During initial operations in OIF, BCT forward support battalions (FSBs) identified the requirement for four additional heavy equipment transports (HET), one rough terrain cargo handler (RTCH), one or more mortuary affairs refrigerated storage units, and one or more reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU)/tactical water delivery system (TWDS) teams. Upon deployment, one FSB was permanently augmented with a ROWPU/TWDS team from the supporting corps unit. The water production and distribution teams were, however, moved to other corps assets which caused serious disruption in service and operational continuity. The division ultimately augmented the FSB with its own HETs after several months of scheduled but unfilled support mission requirements. One RTCH was also supplied by the corps on a temporary basis. Despite numerous attempts to obtain a Mortuary Affairs refrigerated storage unit through normal Army supply channels, the FSB was unsuccessful and turned to the local civilian sector for support. The FSB should be authorized this equipment as MTOE in order to avoid these pitfalls and maximize its ability to provide efficient support to the BCT.

Lessons Learned

  • Although Force XXI has eliminated the authorization of ROWPU and water distribution assets, FSBs are still tasked with the responsibility to produce and deliver water within the brigade.
  • Although the FSB is tasked with the responsibility to provide mortuary affairs assets to the brigade, FSBs are not authorized reefer vans or refrigerated storage containers for deceased Soldiers.
  • The FSB identified the need for permanent MTOE addition of HETs, RTCH, and ROWPU/TWDS assets.

DOTMLPF Implications

Materiel and Organization: Authorize FSBs additional equipment on MTOE that was originally authorized prior to Force XXI logistics realignment.

Table of Supporting Observations

Observation Title CALLCOMS
File Number
Additional FSB MTOE Equipment Requirements in OIF 10000-90160

Table of Contents
Chapter 4-Topic B-Subtopic 5: Materiel Handling Equipment (MHE) Maintenance in OIF
Chapter 4-Topic C-Subtopic 2: Laundry Advanced System (LADS) Improvements over M-85 Laundry Trailer

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