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- A -

A/C: air-conditioning
A2C2: Army Aviation Command and Control
AA: assembly area
AAA: anti-aircraft artillery
AAR: after-action review/report
ABCCC: Airborne Command, Control and Communications
ABCS: Automated Battle Command System
ABF: attack by fire

abn: airborne
ACE: analysis and control element
ACO: Airspace Control Order
ACP: Air Control Point
acqn: acquisition
AD: Air Defense
ADAPCP: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Counseling Program
ADE: Assistant Division Engineer

admin: administration/administrative
ADOCS: Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
ADRG: Arc Digitized Raster Graphic
ADSI: Air Defense Systems Integrator
AEPDS: Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System
AFATDS: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFOR: Albanian Forces
AFU: ammunition fire unit

AG: Adjutant General
AGL: above ground level
AHA: ammunition holding area
AHR: Attack Helicopter Regiment
ALO: Air Liaison Officer/Office
AM: amplitude modulation (communications/radios)
AMC: Army Materiel Command; Air Mobility Command
ammo: ammunition

AMSS: Army Materiel Status System
AO: area of operations
AOR: area of responsibility
AR: armor
ARC: American Red Cross
ARCS: Aerial Rocket Control System
ARG: Amphibious Ready Group
arty: artillery

ASAS: All-Source Analysis System
ASE: All-Source Enclave
ASI: All-Source Intelligence
ASIS: All-Source Intelligence Section
ASOC: Air Support Operations Center
ASOG: Air Support Operations Group
ASP: Ammunition Supply Point
ASR: Air Support Request

asst: assistant
ATACMS: Army Tactical Missile System
ATCCS: Army Tactical Command and Control System
ATI: artillery target information
ATKHR: Attack Helicopter Regiment
ATM: Aircrew Training Manual
atk: attack
ATO: Air Tasking Order

ATS: Air Traffic Services
AVIM: aviation intermediate maintenance
AVLB: Armored Vehicle Launch Bridge
avn: aviation
AVO: Air Vehicle Operator
AVUM: aviation unit maintenance
AWACS: Airborne Warning and Control System
AWR: Airworthiness Release

- B -

BCCA: Base Camp Coordinating Agency
BCE: Battlefield Coordination Element
BCT: Brigade Combat Team
BDA: Battle Damage Assessment
bde: brigade
bn: battalion
BOS: Battlefield Operating System (Maneuver, FS, AD, C2, Intelligence, Mobility/Survivability, CSS)
Br Im: branch immaterial
btry: battery

- C -

C2: command and control
C2W: command and control warfare
CA TST: Civil Affairs Tactical Support Team
CAB: Corps Aviation Brigade
CALFEX: Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise
CAOC: Combined Air Operations Center
CAS: Close Air Support
cbt: combat
cdr: commander
CFE: Conventional Forces, Europe

CG: commanding general
CH: Chaplain (also Chap); chief
CHS: Combat Health Support
CI: counterintelligence
CID: Criminal Investigation Division
CINC: Commander in Chief
CIS: Combat Information System
CL: class (CL V = Ammunition)
CM&D: Collection Management and Dissemination
CM: chemical; collection manager

cmd: command
CMMC: Corps Materiel Management Center
CMOC: Civil-Military Operations Center
co: company
COL: colonel
COMINT: communications intelligence comm/commo/
comms: communications
COMSEC: Communications Security
constr: construction
coord: coordinator/coordination

CoS: Chief of Staff
CP: command post; checkpoint
CPG: co-pilot gunner
CPT: captain
CSAR: combat search and rescue
CSB: Corps Support Battalion
CSG: Corps Support Group
CSM: Command Sergeant Major
CSRT: Customer Support Response Team
CTAPS: Contingency Theater Automated Planning System
CWO: Chief Warrant Officer (CW2/3/4/5)

- D -

D3A: Decide, Detect, Deliver, Assess
DA: Department of the Army
DAART: Downed Aircrew and Aircraft Recovery Team
DART: Downed Aircraft Recovery Team
DCG: Deputy Commanding General
DCG Avn: Deputy Commanding General for Aviation Operations
DCO Grnd: Deputy Commanding Officer for Ground Operations
DDL: Digital Data Link

def: defense
dep: deputy
det: detachment
DHS: Defense HUMINT Services
DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency
distr: distribution
div: division
DLA: Defense Logistics Agency

DNBI: disease and non-battle injuries
DNVT: Digital Non-secure Voice Terminal
DOCC: Deep Operations Coordination Cell
DPC: Deployment Processing Center
DS: direct support
DSN: Defense Switching Network
DTED: Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DTW: Direct Threat Warning

- E -

EA: engagement area
EAC: Echelon Above Corps
EDC: Electronic Data Component
EDRE: Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise
elem: element
ELINT: electronic intelligence

enl: enlisted
EN: Corps of Engineers
engr: engineer
EO: Equal Opportunity
ETAC: Enlisted Terminal Attack Controller
EW: electronic warfare

- F -

FA: field artilleryfac: facility (dining facility)
FAIO: Field Artillery Intelligence Officer
FAO: Foreign Area Officer
FARP: Forward Arming and Refueling Point
FAST: Forward Area Support Team; Forward Area Support Terminal
fax: facsimile (FAX machine)
FCC: Fire Control Computer

FCE: Fire Coordination Element
FDS: Fire Direction System
fin: finance
FLIR: Forward Looking Infrared
FLOT: Forward Line of Own Troops
FM: frequency modulated (communications/radios)
FOB: Forward Operating Base
FP: Firing Point; Force Protection

FRAGO: fragmentary order
FS: fire support
FSC: Fire Support Cell
FSCM: Fire Support Coordination Measures
FSCOORD: Fire Support Coordinator
FSE: Fire Support Element
FSO: Fire Support Officer/Office
fwd: forward; forwarded

- G -

G-1: General Staff Personnel and Administration Officer/Office
G-2: General Staff Intelligence Officer/Office
G-3: General Staff Operations Officer/Office
G-4: General Staff Logistics Officer/Office
G-5: General Staff Civil Affairs Officer/Office
G-6: General Staff Communications Officer/Office
GCCS-A: Global Command and Control System-Army
GCS: Ground Control Station (UAV)

GDT: Ground Data Terminal (UAV)
gen: generator
GID: Geospatial Information Division
GIM: Geospatial Information Management
gp/grp: group
GP: general purpose
gd/gnd/grd: ground
GS: general support

- H -

HAC: HUMINT Analysis Cell
HARM: Homing Anti-Radar Missile
HAZMAT: hazardous material
Hel Sqdn: helicopter squadron
HEMTT: Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
HHC: headquarters and headquarters company
HHD: headquarters and headquarters detachment

hist: history/historian
HMMWV: High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle
HNS: host-nation support
HOC: HUMINT Operations Center
HPTL: High Payoff Target List
HQ: headquarters
HUMINT: human intelligence

- I -

IAE: Imagery Analysis, Europe
IAW: in accordance with
ICE: Individual Chemical Equipment
ID: identification
IDP: Internally Displaced Persons
IEF: Initial Entry Force
IFSAS: Initial Fire Support Automated System
IG: inspector general
IIR: initial impressions report
ILEX: (Commercial Contractor)

IMINT: Imagery Intelligence
inf: infantry
info: information
INMARSAT: International Maritime Satellite
INSCOM: Intelligence and Security Command
intel: intelligence
INTSUM: Intelligence Summary
IRAPS: Interim Remote Air Picture System
IRR: Individual Ready Reserve
ISO: Integrated Staff Office
ISSO: Information Systems Security Officer

- J -

JAC: Joint Analysis Center
JAG: Judge Advocate General
JBS: Joint Broadcasting System
JCS: Joint Chiefs of Staff
JDISS: Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System
JIC: Joint Inspection Certification

JMICS: JWICS Mobile-Integrated Communications System
JSEAD: Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
JSIVA: Joint Service Integrated Vulnerability Assessment
JSTARS: Joint Surveillance/Target Acquisition Radar System
JTF: joint task force
JTF-NA: Joint Task Force NOBLE ANVIL

JTIDS: Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JVB: Joint Visitors' Bureau
JWAC: Joint Warfare Analysis Center
JWICS: Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
JWO: Joint Warfare Officer
JWS: Joint Warfare Section

- K -

K-9: military working dogs
KFOR: Kosovo Force
KP: kitchen police
kts: knots

- L -

LAN: Local Area Network
LAT: latitude
ldr: leader
LO: liaison officer
LOCE: Linked Operations Capability, Europe
log: logistics

long: longitude
LRS: Long-Range Surveillance
LRSP: Long-Range Surveillance Platoon
LSA: life support area
LT: lieutenant
LTC: lieutenant colonel

- M -

maint: maintenance
MAJ: major
MASH: mobile army surgical hospital
MASINT: Measurements and Signatures Intelligence
MCS: Maneuver Control System
MDCI: Multi-Discipline Counterintelligence
mech: mechanized
MEDEVAC: medical evacuation
met: meteorological
METT-TC: mission, enemy, terrain, time, and troops available, civil
MGSM: Mobile Ground Station Module

mgt: management
MI: military intelligence
MIES: Modernized Imagery Exploitation System
mil: military
MKT: Mobile Kitchen Trailer
MLRS: Multiple Launch Rocket System
MMC: Materiel Management Center
mob: mobility
MOI: message of interest
MOS: military occupational specialty
MP: Military Police Corps

MRE: Mission Rehearsal Exercise
MSC: major subordinate command
MSE: Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSG: master sergeant
MSIP: Multi-Spectral Image Processor
MSR: main supply route
MTA: Military Technical Agreement
mtr: motor
Mule: small commercial utility vehicle
mvr bde: maneuver brigade
MWR: morale, welfare, and recreation

- N -

NAI: Named Area of Interest
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC: nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCO: noncommissioned officer
NCOIC: noncommissioned officer in charge
NCS: net control station
NGF: naval gunfire
NIMA: National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIPR: Non-secure Internet Protocol Router
NIPRNET: Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network
NIST: National Intelligence Support Team
NOC-I: National Operations Center-Imagery
NOC-P: National Operations Center-Pentagon
NOTAM: notice to airmen
NPC: NIMA Production Cell
NVG: night-vision goggles

- O -

off: officer
OIC: officer in charge
OPAREA: operational area
OPFAC: operational facilities
op/opns/ops: operations
OPTEMPO: operation tempo
ORBAT: order of battle
ord: ordnance

- P -

PAI: personal asset inventory
PAO: public affairs office(r)
PB: pre-briefed
PC: personal computer
pers: personnel
PERSCOM: Personnel Command
PFC: private first class
PIR: priority intelligence requirement
plt: platoon
PM: Program Manager

PMO: Provost Marshal Office
POL: petroleum, oils, lubricants
POLAD: political advisor
PP-CAS: Pre-planned Close Air Support
prot: protection; protestant
PSD: Protective Service Detail
PSYOP: psychological operations
PTWS: Point Target Weapon System
PV2: Private E2
PZ: pick-up zone

- Q -

QM: quartermaster
QRF: Quick Reaction Force
QRS: Quick Reaction System

- R -

R&S: reconnaissance and surveillance
RADAR: radio detection and ranging
REMBASS: Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
rep: representative
RFI: request for information
RM: resource manager/management
ROE: Rules of Engagement

RON: remain overnight
ROZ: Restricted Operations Zone
RP: release point
rqmts: requirements
RSS: Religious Support Section
RTO: Radio Telephone Operator
RWS: remote work station

- S -

S-1: Personnel and Administration Officer/Section (battalion/brigade Level)
S-2: Intelligence Officer/Section (battalion/brigade level)
S-3: Operations Officer/Section (battalion/brigade level)
S-4: Support Officer/Section (Combat Service Support) (battalion/brigade level)
SACEUR: Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SALUTE: size/activity/location/unit/time/equipment
SAM: surface-to-air missile
SATCOM: satellite communication(s)
SCIF: Secure Compartmented Information Facility

scty: security
SEAD: suppression of enemy air defense
sec: section
SETAF: Southern European Task Force
SF: Special Forces
SFC: sergeant first class
SGM: sergeant major
SGS: Secretary of the General Staff
SGT: sergeant

SHAPE: Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
sig: signal
SIG: Special Initiatives Group
SIGINT: signals intelligence
SINCGARS: Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SIPRNET: Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
SITMAP: situation map
SITREP: situation report
SJA: Staff Judge Advocate

SOCCE: Special Operations Command and Control Element
SOCOORD: Special Operations Coordinator
SOI: signal operation instructions
SOR: specific operational requirement
SP: self-propelled; start point
SPC: specialist
spec: special
spt grp: support group
sqdn: squadron

Sr: senior
SSG: staff sergeant
STB: Special Troops Battalion
STU: secure telephone unit
surg: surgeon/surgical
surv: survivability
svc: service
SWO: staff weather officer/office/operations
SYSCON: system control

- T -

TAA: tactical assembly area
TACSAT: tactical satellite
TADS: target acquisition designation sight
TALCE: tanker-airlift control element
TASM: tactical air space module

tech: technician
TENCAP: tactical exploitation of national capabilities
TF: task force
TF HQ: task force headquarters
THST: tactical headquarters support team

Title X: portion of U.S. Code which applies to the armed forces
tm: team
TMDA: target management database array
TNT: terrain/NIMA team
TOC: tactical operations center

TOE: table(s) of organization and equipment
TOPSCENE: tactical operational preview scene
TOT: time on target
TPU: tank and pump unit
tlr: trailer

trps: troops
TSB: theater staging base
TSM: Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) System Manager
TST: tactical support team
TTP: tactics, techniques and procedures

- U -

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UBL: unit basic load
UMR: unit manning report
UN: United Nations
U.S.: United States
USAF: United States Air Force
USAREUR: United States Army, Europe
USMC: United States Marine Corps

- V -

VCR: video cassette recorder
VIP: very important person
VTC: video teleconference

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