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Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) Reports to Congress

October 30, 2005 Report

October 30, 2005 Cover"In this Report, you will find ten final reports generated by SIGIR auditors, including the latest in a series of audits on the mismanagement of Development Fund for Iraq assets by the Coalition Provisional Authority, a money-saving review of the award-fee process for Iraq reconstruction contracts, and an in-depth examination of U.S. plans to ensure the sustainment of Iraq’s infrastructure.

You will also find 12 detailed, eye-witness reports from reconstruction sites in Iraq. SIGIR inspectors have spent the last four months fanning out across Iraq, examining the quality of the projects being built with taxpayer dollars. They found that many of the projects demonstrate quality workmanship; in one instance, the inspectors suggested an engineering modifi cation at an oil site that will result in millions of dollars in additional revenue for Iraq.

During this quarter, SIGIR investigators made extensive progress on a series of significant cases alleging fraud, bribery, and kickbacks involving U.S. citizens—both government and contractor—in Iraq. The Special Investigative Task Force on Iraq Reconstruction (SPITFIRE) has generated an enormous amount of evidence in support of these investigations. SPITFIRE includes, along with SIGIR investigators, participants from the Internal Revenue Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Department of State Offi ce of Inspector General. Recently, SIGIR transferred more than $2 million to the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division to fund prosecution efforts; four prosecutors are now working full-time on SIGIR cases."

October 30, 2005 Report File Size File Type Date
October 30, 2005 Quarterly Report to Congress   PDF   1,470 KB   10/30/05
Appendix Acronyms and Definitions   PDF   38 KB   10/30/05
Appendix Endnotes   PDF   28 KB   10/30/05
Appendix A - Statutory Requirements   PDF   39 KB   10/30/05
Appendix B – Status of Reconstruction Funding   PDF   133 KB   10/30/05
Appendix C – Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund Apportionments by Agency   PDF   114 KB   10/30/05
Appendix D – Iraqi Funds   PDF   65 KB   10/30/05
Appendix E – Donor Funds   PDF   74 KB   10/30/05
Appendix F – SIGIR Testimony To Congress   PDF   110 KB   10/30/05
Appendix G – SIGIR Audits   PDF   39 KB   10/30/05
Appendix H – Summary of U.S. Oversight in Iraq   PDF   141 KB   10/30/05
Appendix I – List of Contracts   PDF   319 KB   10/30/05

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