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A Nation at War in an Era of Strategic Change

A Nation at War in an Era of Strategic Change - Cover

Edited by Dr. Williamson Murray.

September 2004

376 Pages

Brief Synopsis

The President, Secretary of Defense, and the Army's Chief of Staff have all stated that the United States is a "Nation at War." The U.S. military faces significant strategic challenges as it continues to transform the force and improve interagency integration into joint operations, all the while engaging in active combat operations associated with the Global War on Terrorism.

This collection of outstanding essays--three of which won prestigious writing awards--by the students enrolled in the Army War College's Advanced Strategic Art Program (ASAP) highlight some of these strategic challenges and offer thoughtful solutions. They provide insights that will undoubtedly prove useful to decisionmakers at the highest levels of our national security establishment. ASAP graduates continue to make their mark as outstanding theater strategists in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff and Army Staff, and in the Combatant Commands.



1. Introduction
Dr. Williamson Murray

2. “Knowledge Must Become Capability”: Institutional Intellectualism as an Agent for Military Transformation
Commander Steven W. Knott, USN

3. Swiftly Defeat the Efforts, Then What? The “New American Way of War” and the Transition from Decisive Combat Operations to Post Conflict Security Operations
Lieutenant Colonel John D. Nelson

4. Nuclear High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse--Implications for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Riddle

5. Iraq, 2003-04; and Mesopotamia, 1914-18: A Comparative Analysis in Ends and Means
Lieutenant Colonel James D. Scudieri

6. Waging Peace: ECLIPSE in Postwar Germany and Iraq
Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth O. McCreedy

7.The Abrams Doctrine: Has It Been Abused in the Global War on Terror?
Colonel George A. Brinegar

8. The Abrams Doctrine: Total Force Foundation or Enduring Fallacy?
Colonel Brian D. Jones

9. Secure the Victory: Is It Time for a Stabilization and Reconstruction Command?
Lieutenant Colonel Eric L. Ashworth

10. Nation Building: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come?
Lieutenant Colonel Burt K. Thompson

11. Seabasing and Ship-to-Objective Maneuver and Their Implications for the Joint Force Commander
Colonel Stuart L. Dickey, USMC

12. Is the Air Component Coordination Element (A CCE) Embedded in the Coalition Forces Land Component Command
(CFLCC) HQ A Model for Future Conflict?
Lieutenant Colonel Byron H. Risner, USAF

13. The National Security Strategy of the United States: Development of Grand Strategy
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas P. Reilly

14. The Human Dimension of Transformation
Colonel Robert E. Scurlock, Jr.

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