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Defeating Global Terrorism

John Kerry for President

John Kerry and John Edwards understand that America is waging a global war against terrorists that are unlike any adversary our nation has ever faced. This is not just a manhunt - we cannot rest once Osama bin Laden is captured or killed. That day will mark only a brief victory in the war on terror, not its end. We face a complex global jihadist movement consisting of many groups - spanning at least 60 countries - with separate agendas, but all committed to assaulting the United States and free and open societies around the world.

Despite his tough talk, President Bush's efforts against terrorism have fallen far short of what is necessary to meet this threat. We are not safer and President Bush still has no comprehensive or long-term strategy for victory. After allowing bin Laden to escape from our grasp at Tora Bora, he diverted crucial resources from the effort to destroy al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight the war in Iraq. And his go-it-alone approach to foreign policy has cost us the support of other nations - support that we need to defeat an enemy that is hidden in countries across the world.

As president, John Kerry will put in place a strong and smart strategy to win - an approach that recognizes the complexity of the challenge and uses all the tools at our disposal. He understands that the path to victory in the war on terror will be found in the company of others, not walking alone. A Kerry-Edwards administration will never, ever wait for a green light from abroad when our safety is at stake - but we will not alienate those whose support we should have, and must enlist, to help make America more secure.

John Kerry and John Edwards recognize that victory in the war on terror requires a combination of American might, skill, and determination. We must also maximize international cooperation. Key elements of the Kerry-Edwards plan to win the war on terror include:

  • Directing Military Action to Destroy and Disrupt Terrorist Networks. Under John Kerry’s leadership, American military operations will be precise and deadly.

  • Keeping Weapons of Mass Destruction Out of Terrorist Hands. John Kerry and John Edwards will launch a new initiative to prevent the world's deadliest weapons from falling into the world's most dangerous hands. They have a plan to secure vulnerable bomb-making materials, prevent the production of new materials for nuclear weapons, and work to end nuclear weapons programs in hostile states like North Korea and Iran.

  • Strengthening America’s Intelligence Capabilities. John Kerry and John Edwards will restore the credibility of our intelligence community, strengthen accountability and leadership by creating a true Director of National Intelligence, maximize coordination and integration of resources and information, and transform our intelligence services to deal with today’s threats.

  • Leading Relentless Efforts to Shut Down the Flow of Terrorist Funds. America will crack down on nations or banks that fail to act against money laundering by strengthening our anti-money laundering laws and imposing tough financial sanctions against violators.

  • Preventing New Terrorist Havens. John Kerry and John Edwards will work with our allies and the international community to stabilize and secure Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure that these newly freed nations and other weak states around the world do not become havens for terrorists.

  • Preventing Recruitment of New Terrorists. John Kerry and John Edwards will work to win the war of ideas and the future of a young generation with a strategy to break down economic and cultural isolation in Arab and Muslim countries and support local efforts to promote democracy, trade, tolerance, and respect for human rights. The strategy includes a major initiative in public diplomacy and an international effort to improve education.

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