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Strengthening America's Military

John Kerry for President

John Kerry and John Edwards believe that we must strengthen our military to meet the new threats of the 21st century. Today's American military is the best in the world, but tomorrow's military must be better still - stronger, faster, better armed, and never again stretched so thin. John Kerry and John Edwards will send a clear message to every man and woman in our armed forces: You will always be the best-led, best-equipped and most respected fighting force in the world. You will be armed with the right weapons, trained in the right skills, and fully prepared to win on the battlefield. You will never again be sent into harm's way without enough troops for the task or asked to fight a war without a plan to win the peace. And you will never be given assignments which have not been clearly defined and for which you are not professionally trained.

John Kerry and John Edwards have a specific plan to transform the world's most powerful military to better address the 21st century threats of terrorism and proliferation, while ensuring that America has enough properly trained and equipped troops to meet our enduring strategic and regional missions.

The Kerry-Edwards plan will:

  • Expand America's Active Duty Forces by 40,000 to relieve the strain on today's military.

  • Double America's Special Forces Capability and increase other specialized personnel to improve America's ability to conduct counter-terrorism operations, perform reconnaissance missions and gather intelligence.

  • Complete the Process of Technological Transformation by ensuring that our military has the most modern equipment and technology available.

  • Transform the National Guard for homeland security by assigning guard units to a standing joint task force that will prepare and execute homeland security strategies with state and federal governments.

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