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Middle East

John Kerry for President

Restoring American Leadership In The Middle East

John Kerry and John Edwards believe that bringing security and stability to the Middle East is vital to American national security, to the security of Israel and other countries in the region, and to the aspirations of the Palestinian people for a viable Palestinian state. In a Kerry-Edwards administration, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not be an afterthought, but a priority that will always get the consistent, high-level attention it deserves.

John Kerry and John Edwards are fundamentally committed to the security of our ally Israel and the creation of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors. John Kerry and John Edwards support the creation of a democratic Palestinian state dedicated to living in peace and security side by side with the Jewish state of Israel.

John Kerry and John Edwards believe that history, our own best interests and our shared values of freedom and democracy demand that the United States always maintain its special relationship with and steady policy of friendship and support for Israel. For the past two decades, John Kerry has built a record of support for Israel in the US Senate that is second to none. The commitment he and John Edwards have made to Israel's safety, security and existence as a Jewish state has never wavered, and it never will.

From his many trips to the region, John Kerry knows a majority of Israelis and Palestinians share a desire for peace and a better tomorrow -- a day when a viable Palestinian state exists alongside the Jewish state of Israel. From his own trip to Israel in 2001, John Edwards shares this view, and a conviction to restoring American leadership in the Middle East.

John Kerry and John Edwards will bring determined leadership to ending the violence and developing a new Palestinian leadership - one that is committed in word and deed to fighting terror and meeting the needs of its people.

John Kerry and John Edwards will work tirelessly to achieve a stable, lasting peace with security in the Middle East and ensure that American leadership is a source of hope in the region.

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