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Latin America / Caribbean

John Kerry for President

As president, John Kerry will reclaim and strengthen America's role as a global leader. The Kerry-Edwards national security strategy will deploy every weapon in our national arsenal, from military strength to our diplomacy, our intelligence capabilities, our economic might, and the power of our values and example. Across the globe, John Kerry and John Edwards will pursue policies based on a vision of an America truly stronger and truly respected in the world.

John Kerry and John Edwards will create a new Community of the Americas, a partnership with Latin America built on mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation, where neighbors look after neighbors and strive towards common goals. John Kerry and John Edwards believe that our collective security and prosperity are furthered by mutual efforts to promote democracy, generate wealth, reduce income disparities and provide sound environmental stewardship. John Kerry and John Edwards will be committed to strong and steady support for democratic processes and institutions in our hemisphere, and believe that the United States should exercise our considerable diplomatic and moral force in support of democratically elected leaders.

John Kerry and John Edwards will make relations with Mexico a priority in order to best address economic, environmental and social issues of mutual concern. John Kerry and John Edwards will increase efforts to combat drug-trafficking throughout the Latin American and the Caribbean and combat corruption so that funds made available for economic development are used appropriately. As president, John Kerry will support economic development to increase employment and economic opportunity, reducing incentives for emigration by dangerous and life-threatening means.

John Kerry and John Edwards support effective and peaceful strategies to end the Castro regime as soon as possible and enable the Cuban people to take their rightful place in the democratic Community of the Americas. John Kerry and John Edwards will work with the international community to increase political and diplomatic pressure on the Castro regime to release all political prisoners, support civil society, promote the important work of Cuban dissidents, and begin a process of genuine political reform. Finally, John Kerry and John Edwards support a policy of principled travel to Cuba that promotes family unity and people-to-people contacts through educational and cultural exchanges.

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