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John Kerry for President

As president, John Kerry will reclaim and strengthen America's role as a global leader. The Kerry-Edwards national security strategy will deploy every weapon in our national arsenal, from military strength to our diplomacy, our intelligence capabilities, our economic might, and the power of our values and example. Across the globe, John Kerry and John Edwards will pursue policies based on a vision of an America truly stronger and truly respected in the world.

John Kerry and John Edwards are committed to restoring our alliances with European countries and revitalizing the Atlantic partnership that has been badly damaged by the Bush administration. Throughout the twentieth century, America's most trusted and reliable allies were the democracies of Europe; together, the United States and its European allies ensured that democracy and free markets prevailed against all challengers. The Bush administration has allowed the Atlantic partnership to erode, leaving the United States dangerously isolated from its indispensable allies. John Kerry and John Edwards look forward to working together with a prosperous and unified Europe in meeting today's security challenges and expanding the global economy. Both John Kerry and John Edwards understand that alliances involve mutual obligations; we expect our European allies to share the responsibility of meeting our mutual security needs. A Kerry-Edwards administration will ensure that NATO remains strong, continuing to consolidate peace in Europe even as the alliance takes on new tasks in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ireland and Northern Ireland

John Kerry and John Edwards are committed to the resumption of genuinely active, high-level U.S. participation in the North Ireland peace process. By pro-actively supporting the leaders in Northern Ireland and the Irish and British Governments, a Kerry-Edwards administration will work to help achieve the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, including the restoration of the Assembly, the assurance of the permanence of the democratic institutions, the demilitarization of Northern Ireland, an end to all paramilitarism, progress on equality and human rights, and the establishment of a police service that fairly represents and is widely supported by the people of Northern Ireland. John Kerry and John Edwards support giving undocumented workers who have lived and worked in the United States for five years, who pay taxes, and who are successfully screened for security purposes, a path to citizenship.


John Kerry and John Edwards believe that America's policy toward Russia must consist of more than just words: Russia deserves a real agenda for cooperation, opportunities for engagement, and candid communication. As president, John Kerry will pursue a Russia policy that advances the core U.S. interests at stake in Russia's historic transformation, beginning with cooperative work to secure vulnerable stockpiles of nuclear weapons and materials. And as president, John Kerry will emphasize the central importance of respect for human rights, the rule of law and development of Russia's fledgling democratic institutions and independent media. Progress on these fronts is essential to Russia's successful and full integration into international institutions and the global economy.

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