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John Kerry for President

As president, John Kerry will reclaim and strengthen America's role as a global leader. The Kerry-Edwards national security strategy will deploy every weapon in our national arsenal, from military strength to our diplomacy, our intelligence capabilities, our economic might, and the power of our values and example. Across the globe, John Kerry and John Edwards will pursue policies based on a vision of an America truly stronger and truly respected in the world.

John Kerry and John Edwards believe that U.S. engagement in Africa should reflect the continent's vital significance to U.S. interests as well as the moral imperative to help a continent struggling with the scourge of disease and persistent poverty. The HIV/AIDS pandemic in southern and eastern Africa is a massive human tragedy. It is also a security risk of the highest order that threatens to plunge nations into chaos. Chronic and debilitating hunger also threatens the very survival of communities where investment in agriculture has suffered for over a decade. As president, John Kerry will be committed to bringing the full weight of American leadership to bear against these challenges.

John Kerry and John Edwards will work with the United Nations and Africa's regional organizations to address Africa's persistent, disproportionate share of the world's weak, failing states and chronic armed conflicts, and promote sustainable economic development. John Kerry and John Edwards support extension of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which provides a door to a brighter future for many of the continent's poorest countries. John Kerry and John Edwards also support effective relief efforts when there is a humanitarian crisis - particularly at this moment in Darfur, Sudan, where genocide is underway. And in a Kerry-Edwards administration, the United States will continue to promote policies to support democracy, economic reform and respect for human rights.

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