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Security Companies Doing Business in Iraq

The U.S. government assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear on the list.

This list was initially compiled and released by the US Department of State in 2004.

Some of the information in this document has subsequently been modified over time by the staff of GlobalSecurity.org in response to requests by the companies listed.

GlobalSecurity.org assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness for the information listed here.

An updated version is available from the US Department of State at this URL:http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1763.html

AD Consultancy

ADC House
P.O. Box 153
Sutton, Surrey SM3 9WF
United Kingdom
Tel: 0870 707 0074
Fax: 0870 707 0075
Website: www.adconsultancy.com
Email: security.services@adporta.com

Contact in Iraq:
Ian Grealey
Tel: 0870 707 0074
Email: ian.grealey@adporta.com

Description of Services:
Risk and threat assessment, close protection teams/bodyguards, asset protection, secure commodity escort, travel and escort security, residential and premises security, aviation security, maritime security, oil and gas industry security, surveillance and counter surveillance.

AKE Limited

Mortimer House
Holmer Road
Hereford HR4 9TA
Tel: [44] (0) 1432 267111
Fax: [44] (0) 1432 350227
Email: services@akegroup.com
Website: www.akegroup.com

Contact in Iraq:
The Manager, AKE Baghdad
Tel: ( In Iraq) 07901 425 199, or in the UK + [44] (0) 1432 267 111
Email: akebaghdad@akegroup.com

Description of Services:
Hostile regions training, reduced personal insurance rates, the services of security risk specialists, location security audits, personal security reviews, body armor, medical audits, equipment, assistance and evacuation; political, security, intelligence and cultural briefings, subscription-based online secure database of security, risk and intelligence information, including twice-weekly Iraq security briefings.


25 Buckingham Gate
Tel: [44] (20) 7808-5800
Fax: [44] (20) 7233-7434
Email: info@armorgroup.com

Contact in Iraq:
Mark Carruthers
Tel: [44] (20) 7808-5800
Email: mcarruthers@armorgroup.com

Description of services:
ArmorGroup operates in 40 countries worldwide and is a leading international risk management, security services, mine action, and information service provider. In Iraq we currently have offices in Mosul, Baghdad, and Basra, and on-going operations throughout the country. They provide major corporate and government clients in Iraq with risk assessment and management, close protection, manned guarding, technical security systems, and mine action services (mine clearing and unexploded ordnance disposal). ArmorGroup supports the Joint US/UK Government’s Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and subscribes to the Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. ArmorGroup is a United Nations approved provider, and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. ArmorGroup's Baghdad office is not able to deal with job applications. All applications must be accompanied by a current CV/resume and sent to: jswaggerty@armorgroup.com (US residents), or sdaniels@armorgroup.com (UK residents and other nationalities).

Control Risks Group

83 Victoria Street
London SW1H OHW
United Kingdom
Tel: [44] (20) 722 1552
Fax: [44] (20) 7222 2296
Website: www.crg.com
Email: james.blount@control-risks.com or criraq1@control-risks.com

Contact in Iraq:
James Blount, Country Manager
Tel: 1-914-822-9502 (NY number but person is located in Iraq)
Thuraya: +8821621158121
Email: james.blount@control-risks.com or criraq1@control-risks.com

Description of Services:
Control risk is a leading international business risk consultancy with 28 years experience of supporting more than 5,300 clients in over 130 countries. They currently have an office in Baghdad providing major governmental and corporate clients with a range of services, including security management, discreet armed protection, and information support.

Custer Battles

3959 Pender Drive
Suite 109
Fairfax, VA 22050
Tel: [1] 703-385-1121
Fax: [1] 703-385-2177
Email: cbaumann@custerbattles.com
Website: www.custerbattles.com

Contact in Iraq:
Brig. General Charles Baumann, Director
Tel: [1] 914-360-9223
Email: cbaumann@custerbattles.com

Description of Services:
Security services, life supports, construction, logistics, transportation, and personal security details.

Diligence Middle East

1275 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: [1] 202-659-6210
Fax: [1] 202-659-6210
Email: kjosey@diligenceiraq.com
Website: www.diligencellc.com

Contact in Iraq:
Ken Josey, Country Manager
Tel: [1] 914-822-9746 (NY number rings in Baghdad)
Email: kjosey@diligenceiraq.com

Description of Services:
Diligence Middle East is the Middle East subsidiary of Diligence LLC, a global information and security services firm. In Iraq, Diligence provides risk advisory consulting, competitive due diligence, close protection, site security, and security escort services for multiple international clients and CPA contractors.

Edinburgh Risk and Security Management

International Operations
P.O.Box: 54659
United Arab Emirates
Email: info@edinburghrisk.net
Tel +971 4 299 06 06

Contact in Iraq:
Operations Director
Street 15 House 12
District 215
International Zone
Email: Iraq@EdinburghRisk.net
MCI: +1 914 360 5900
Iraqna: +964 7901 417176

Description of Services:
Edinburgh Risk provides consultancy, training and physical services (management, logistics and security) aimed at facilitating business operations in high-risk environments. With a strong client-based focus, Edinburgh Risk is able to act as an 'in house' security provider and business advisor that provide a superior level of service, tailored to your individual needs.

Through applying our extensive knowledge and capabilities to individual risk and business management issues, our objective is to work side by side with our clients to support and facilitate their business operation and provide strategic solutions that will remove any obstacles to effective management. Our aim is to protect our clients people, assets and reputation; and in turn provide them with the freedom to explore the opportunities that are available for their business. We do this through careful planning and accurate threat assessment and by ensuring that client staff are fully aware of the risks of the environment in which they are operating.

Erinys Iraq Limited

16 Zukak 18
601 Emerat Mahla
Baghdad, Iraq
Tel: +873763692882
Email: opsbaghdad@erinysinternational.com
Website: www.erinysinternationa.com

Contact in Iraq:
Michael Hutchings
Tel: +873763692882 or +96447901921231
Email: CV@ErinysIraq.com

Description of Services:
Expatriate and Iraqi security services supported by nationwide radio and voice/data satellite communications. Services include managed guard forces, personal protection services, convoy protection, key point, and area security. Company is structured in 3 regions and 12 sectors with expatriate managed offices in each sector.


Hereford House
East Street
Hereford, UK HR1 2LU
Tel: [44] 1432 379083
Fax: [44] 1432 370786
Website: www.genric.co.uk
Email: nick.duggan@genric.co.uk

Contact in Iraq:
Nick Duggan
Tel: [44] 7919 478484 or [965] 904-8217/8257
Email: nick.duggan@genric.co.uk

Description of Services:
Genric provides global security solutions to corporations in the form of risk assessments, plans and policies for kidnapping, evacuation, crisis management and general security guidelines, physical provision of armed escort teams for personnel and convoys, security managers, occupational health, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), defensive driving, personal, asset and property protection. Offices in the UK, Slovakia, Serbia and the Philippines. A secure facility has been established outside Basra, which provides: armed site security 24/7, air con accommodation, air con offices, 4x4 armored and non-armored vehicle hire or purchase, service and parts center, generation hire or purchase, communications.

Global Risk Strategies

UK Offices:
Tel: [44] (0) 207 491 7492
Website: www.globalrsl.com
Email: ops@globalrsl.com

Contact in Iraq:

Description of Services:
Working together with the U.S. government, United Nations, and key commercial clients to provide significant security, logistics and facilitation services in post conflict Iraq. A country wide network of specialist teams, communications and logistics assets have been established, headquarted in Baghdad, to assist with immediate humanitarian aid and reconstruction projects in the Aviation, Oil, Banking and Infrastructure sectors. Further to this, there are now GLOBAL Close Protection Teams working in support of the Ministries of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Group 4 Falck A/S

82-A, Sector 18
Gurgaon 122016 (Haryana)
Tel: [91] 124-2398888
Fax: [91] 124-2397131
Website: www.group4falck.com
Email: reg.office@group4falckmesea.com

Contact in Iraq:
Abrahem Ghazarian
Tel: 919811768800
Fax: 971508131680
Email: brahem@group4falckmesea.com

Description of Services:
Guarding services including static guards, patrol guards, close protection, control room guards, and air marshals (armed and unarmed). Technical and security systems solutions. Physical security and design. Cash services (armed vehicles) with trained crew to transfer cash and valuables. Provide ATM services, wage packaging and distribution. Cashing sorting. Ambulance services (vehicles and professional staff). Firefighting services (vehicles, products and professional staff). Prisons and prison management. Global solutions. Facility management and training services.

Hill and Associates, Ltd.

2604-9 Harbour Center
No. 25 Harbour Road
Wanchai, Hong King
Tel: [852] 2802-2123
Fax: [852] 2802-2133
Email: info.ae@hill-assoc.com
Website: www.hill-assoc.com

Contact in Iraq:
Richard Hancock, Director
Operations - Middle East
Tel: [971] (4) 211-5447 (Dubai) or (65) 6322-2558
Thuraya: 882-162-1100-133
Email: Richard.hancock@hill-assoc.com or richancock@hotmail.com

Description of Services:
Hill and Associates are a risk management consultancy company with ten years of experience supporting Fortune 500 companies in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They currently have offices in Kuwait City, Dubai and Baghdad focused on providing clients in Iraq with a range of services, including: executive protection, information services and security audits.

ICP Group Ltd

2 Old Brompton Road
London SW7 3DQ
United Kingdom
Tel: [44] (0) 207-591-4411
Fax: [44] (0) 207-584-1460
Email: iraq@icpgroup.ltd.uk
Website: www.icpgroup.ltd.uk

Contact in Iraq:
Will Geddes or Andy King
Tel: [44] (870) 464-1000 (UK number that rings in Baghdad)
Email: iraq@icpgroup.ltd.uk

Description of Services:
ICP Group Ltd is an international threat management company servicing many international organizations including the corporate, industrial, financial, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries. With representation country-wide since Desert Storm (1991), ICP Group Ltd have provided security support and services to many major multi-national companies, NGO and government agencies. Providers of high-quality and competitively-priced protection services, security equipment, logistics management and liaison services, ICP Group Ltd can ensure that you are provided with an effective and efficiently managed security solution for short, mid and long-term engagements. Services include: close protection/bodyguards (static and mobile), secure accommodation, armored vehicles, personal protection equipment, field operations supplies, due diligence, risk assessment, audits and project evaluation/analysis, medical services, hostile environment training, specialist insurance coverage (through Lloyds of London), crisis management, and business continuity services and evacuation support and services. ICP Group Ltd protection employees are only either former British and US Special Forces or Elite Forces personnel.


Baghdad Conference Palace
Mansour, Baghdad
Tel: [1] 914-360-2492
Email: omarhadi@hotmail.com

Contact in Iraq:
Omar Hadi
Tel: [1] 914-360-2492 or [1] 914-822-7707
Email: omarhadi@hotmail.com

Description of Services:
ISI Iraq is a part of the ISI Group and is the only security company to provide 24 hour Iraqi security guards to the CPA "Green Zone". All guards are trained by the U.S. army, vetted through "local knowledge" and have been a valuable asset to the American troops at the convention center in Baghdad. ISI also provides guards for residences, offices, and also do low key protection work for foreign nationals. All guards provided to foreign nationals have proficient English, and invaluable local knowledge, military or police backgrounds as well as British and American training. ISI has also been involved in due diligence, providing information for foreign and domestic companies through a network of personalities, companies, and families throughout Iraq. ISI's senior management includes experienced military personnel mostly ex-special forces from both the US and UK. ISI provides turnkey accommodation solution for foreign companies and press, in low key locations around Baghdad, providing and vetting all members of staff, 24 hour security as well as other complimentary support. Security services include: manned guarding, close protection work, site surveys, turnkey accommodation, and provision of commercial intelligence and due diligence, translators and drivers. Commercial services include: representation, construction, turn key 'camps', transportation within and in and out of Iraq. ISI has existing joint venture agreements with both US and UK established security firms.

Meteoric Tactical Solutions

6 Meteor Road
Pretoria, South Africa
Tel: [27] 12 651 3402
Fax: [27] 12 651 3402
Email: Juanitavr@bestmed.co.za

Contact in Iraq:
Lourens Horn (Louwtjie)
Tel: 914-360-3113
Email: louwtjieh@hotmail.com

Description of Services:
Specialized training programs, VIP protection, asset protection, risk management and analysis, even management, asset recovery.

Meyer & Associates

P.O. Box 1800
Joshua (DFW), TX 76058
Tel: [11] 817-426-1199
Fax: [11] 817-558-4868
Website: www.meyerglobalforce.com
Email: gdesmith@meyerglobalforce.com

Contact in Iraq:
Tim Meyer or Gary DeSmith
Tel: 1-817-401-8142 or 1-817-821-8820
Email: tjmeyer@meyerglobalforce.com or gdesmith@meyerglobalforce.com

Description of Services:
Security consulting and problem resolution, executive protection/bodyguards, advance work, intelligence, transportation and drivers, security guards, threat assessment, kidnap negotiations, investigations, reporting, analysis, liaisons with government, diplomatic, military, local and guerilla leaders. Aggressive security including specialized ex-military personnel utilizing state of the art equipment and tactics. Armed Patrol Vessels.

Olive Security (UK) Limited

2 Charles Street
Mayfair, London
England, UK
Tel: [44] (0) 207307 0540
Fax: [44] (0) 207307 0542
Email: barrylb@olivesecurity.com
Website: www.olivesecurity.com

Contact in Iraq:
John Yourston and Douglas Dick
Tel: 008821652100377 or [965] 914-0169 (Kuwait office)

Description of Services:
Armed VIP protection, armed convoy escort, threat and risk analysis, security site survey, key point security, manned guards, technological security including: TSCM, debugging/sweeps, IT security implementation.

Optimal Solution Services

4/35 Spencer Street
Fairfield NSW
Tel: [61] (2) 97555840
Fax: [61] (2) 97559835
Email: optimal1@optusnet.com.au

Contact in Iraq:
Zahir F. Hameed
Tel: +8821621233556
Email: optimal_solution@hotmail.com

Description of Services:
The infrastructure is streamlined to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in vigilance and security alert response. Our emphasis is on maintaining the highest industry standards with our security personnel adhering to safety and health regulation and best work practices.

Overseas Security & Strategic Information, Inc/Safenet - Iraq

Post Office Box 52067
Atlanta, GA 30355
Tel: [1] 404-307-4072
Fax: [1] 413-208-6069
Email: OSSIInc@hotmail.com

Contact in Iraq:
John H. Walbridge, Jr. or Mauritz Le Roux
Tel: [964] 7901915494 or [88] 216 5201 4591/4592

Description of Services:
We provide in-country "hands on" management of highly trained and experienced South African security personnel by former American intelligence officers with paramilitary backgrounds. Services include close protection of VIPs, general personal security of employees, convoy escorts of personnel and equipment, training of local security personnel, provision of armored and unarmored vehicles, threat and intelligence reporting, and provision of combat medics with proper equipment. Our approach is responsive, personalized and cost-effective.

RamOPS Risk Management Group

7312 Suite 8 Hihenge Court
Raleigh, NC 27615
Tel: [1] 919-740-4597
Website: www.ramops.com
Email: globalservices@ramops.com

Contact in Iraq:
Andy Potts or John Autenreith
Email: globalservices@ramops.com
Tel: [1] 919-740-4597 (US)

Description of Services:
Security consulting that includes threat assessments, recommended precautions, and contingency planning for personnel, sites, and equipment. Site security including area patrols, point security, and barricade design. Executive and VIP protection, convoy escort, 24/7 coverage available throughout Iraq. Communications, information technology, and logistic services available in support of any NGO or commercial operation. Their entire organization is comprised of US special operations and military intelligence professionals. Security consulting and training available in the US for NGO or corporate personnel prior to deployment.

Sabre International Security Ltd

13A United Trading Estate
United Road,
Old Trafford
Manchester M16 ORJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 161 868 8179
Fax: +44 161 868 8171
Mob: +44 791 701 7559
E Mail: bd@securitybysabre.com

Description of Services:
Sabre offers the bespoke security services with a difference. Sabre staff is exclusively ex Special Force with the majority being made up of ex SAS operators with extensive experience in terrorist environments. As a result we have developed highly different methods of approaching the threat of Iraq and how we transport our customers. Our services include, security equipment, close protection/bodyguards (static and mobile), secure accommodation, armoured vehicles, personal protection equipment, project and site risk assessment, audits and project evaluation/analysis, hostile environment training.

Sumer International Security

Almasbah - Dis Babilon
Sec. 929, St. 10, Building 10(54/356)
Baghdad, Iraq
Tel: [1] 312-869-7336 (VOIP)
Fax: [1] 202-438-9710
Email: lipmanj@thesandigroup.com
Website: www.thesandigroup.com

Contact in Iraq:
Janna Lipman
Tel: [1] 312-869-8336 (VOIP) or [964] 7901-916-338 or [1] 202-483-5900
Email: lipmanj@thesandigroup.com or karslim@corporatebankintl.com

Description of Services:
SIS security guards, body guards, and private police armed and uniformed are trained by DynCorp International. Our clients are protected by a 365 days, 24/7 basis and we maintain a 24 hours dispatch operation with field supervision.

Triple Canopy Inc.

600 Knightsbridge Parkway
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Tel: [1] 312-261-8000
Fax: [1] 312-261-8010
Email: sales@triplecanopy.com
Website: www.triplecanopy.com

Description of Services:
Triple Canopy excels in executive protection, site security, and convoy security. Our operators have an average of more than 20 years in the most elite military Special Operations units and are the highest quality personnel in the industry. Our services range from discreet travel companions to heavily armored, high profile convoy escort. From security assessments to tactical training to direct security work, Triple Canopy has the solution.

Wade-Boyd and Associates LLC

Suite 116
Main Street
Lawler, IA 52154
Tel: [1] 641-330-4581 or 931-302-7822
Fax: [1] 270-518-5780
Email: wbaprotection@yahoo.com

Contact in Iraq:
Malek (Ali) Mehanna or V. Brooke Phillips
Tel: [1] 641-330-4581 (US)
Email: malekmehanna@hotmail.com or invops@yahoo.com

Description of Services:
Owned and operated by honorably retired U.S. army military police investigator, who currently is the command investigator lieutenant for the U.S. DOD federal police. And, an honorably retired (twice) U.S. DOD federal police investigator sergeant/chief of police. With over 40 years of combined experience, we provide: professional, experienced, former military/federal law enforcement, armed close protection teams, K-9 dogs for explosive detection and protection, security officers both standing and roving, investigations, under-cover investigations, armed escorts, vehicle and transportation convoy security, armed patrol in vehicle and water craft, air craft protection teams both on land and in the air, translators, armed money/valuables escorts, surveillance, global vehicle tracking, home and business protection both uniformed and plan clothes, armored vehicles, and more.

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