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CPA-IG Reports to Congress: October 30, 2004 Report

In November 2003, Public Law 108-106 created the Coalition Provisional Authority Inspector General (CPA-IG) to provide oversight of the CPA. Under this law, the CPA-IG worked to promote the efficient, legal, and effective use of billions of dollars of U.S. appropriated and other funds committed to Iraq relief and reconstruction by coordinating and conducting investigations and audits of the reconstruction effort. This is the third Quarterly Report by the CPA-IG on Iraq reconstruction. This Report was submitted to Congress on October 30, 2004, in accordance with Public Law 108-106.


During this quarterly reporting period, the CPA-IG has:

  • completed two audits, discontinued three audits, and continued work on ten audits
  • closed or referred 31 cases for investigation, and opened 39 new cases
  • received and processed 50 Hotline contacts in the United States and in Iraq
  • launched two new initiatives: the Iraq Accountability Working Group in Baghdad and Lessons Learned / High-Risk Factors
  • continued three initiatives: Iraq Inspectors General Council, Security and Insurance, and Corporate Governance

    October 30, 2004 Report File Size File Type Date
    Quarterly Report to Congress   PDF   583 KB   10/30/04
    Appendices   PDF   3,800 KB   10/30/04

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