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WMEAT 1999 - 2000

The 28th edition of "World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers" (WMEAT), released on February 6, 2003, is the second published by the Department of State following integration with the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, the previous publisher.  The report covers the years 1989 through 1999 -- that is, the end of the Cold War and its aftermath.

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Report Cover, Foreword, Preface, and Table of Contents

Highlights by Indicator 

Military Expenditures 

Armed Forces

Arms Transfers
          Arms Import Trends
          Arms Export Trends
          Number of Weapons Delivered 

Military Burden and Other Relative Indicators
          (includes "Comparative U.S. Military Status") 

Regional Trends: 1989-1999 (Charts of Seven Indicators) 
Country Rankings:  1999 
Main Statistical Tables 

Table I.

Military Expenditures, Armed Forces, GNP, CGE, Population, and Their Ratios,
By Group and Country, 1989-1999 [Excel format]


Table II.       

Arms Transfer Deliveries and Total Trade, 1989-1999,
By Region, Organization, and Country [Excel format]

Table III.

Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries, Cumulative 1997-1999,
By Major Supplier and Recipient Country [Excel format]

Table IV.     

Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries and Agreements, 1989-1999,
By Supplier and Recipient Region [Excel format]

Table V.

Number of Major Weapons Delivered to Regions and Groups,
By Supplier and Weapon Type, Cumulative by Period, 1988-1999 [Excel format]
Statistical Notes                  

Related Material
February 6, 2003, media note and fact sheet: "Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1999-2000."


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