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Division and separate brigade counterintelligence/prisoner of war interrogation (CI/IPW) teams provided commanders with critical battlefield information and assisted displaced persons who were separated from family members. Elements of the 29th MI Bn were successful in dealing with the local populace in Panama City. The teams relied on their in-country expertise in conducting mission area analysis and screening of EPWs/displaced persons. Accurate and timely reporting assisted in the apprehension of numerous personnel on the Black, Gray, White List (Hostile, Questionable, Friendly) and the "Most Wanted List."


CI/IPW teams need to be task-organized. MI units that possess area expertise should be used to work with the local populace and displaced persons. Training exercises and combat training centers (CTCs) should include both IPW play and displaced persons.


  • Place CI/IPW teams under the operational control of maneuver elements.

  • Use area-oriented teams in AOs containing urban areas.

  • Locate liaison representatives from participating law enforcement agencies (LEAs) at the IPW facility. This facilitates information sharing on wanted personnel.

  • Make current, in-depth biographic files with full face photo of key personnel available to the interrogators.

  • Ensure CI/IPW teams know the current priority intelligence requirements/intelligence requirements maintained by the collection manager.

  • Check that teams have a clear understanding of the task, while being language-qualified and area-oriented.

Table of Contents, Volume III
Captured Weapons
Lessons Learned - Logistics & Equipment: Personal Protection and Individual Equipment

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