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1-1. The Army Leadership Framework
1-2. The Problem Solving Steps
1-3. The Troop Leading Procedures
1-4. Ethical Reasoning Process
2-1. Organization of the US Government
2-2. Organization of the Department of Defense
2-3. Organization of the Department of the Army
2-4. Make up of the Army of One
3-1. On-the-Spot Correction Steps
3-2. Corrective Training Guidelines
3-3. Wear of the Beret, Male and Female
3-4. The Code of Conduct
4-1. The Army Flag and Streamers
4-2. The Army Seal
5-1. Integration of Collective and Individual Training
5-2. Individual Tasks to METL Relationship
A-1. Straight-line Route
A-2. Adjusted Route
A-3. Route of Travel
A-4. Checkpoints
A-5. Distance Between Checkpoints
A-6. Bypassing an Obstacle
A-7. Temporary Fighting Positions
C-1. Fallen Soldier Display



1-1. Reverse Planning Example
3-1. Maximum Punishments in Article 15
3-2. Types of Chapter Discharges
6-1. Promotion Criteria-Active Duty
6-2. Promotion Criteria-Army National Guard
6-3. Promotion Criteria-Reserve TPU, PV2-SSG
6-4. Promotion Criteria-Reserve TPU, SFC-SGM
6-5. Promotion Criteria-Active Guard and Reserve
6-6. Promotion Criteria-IRR, IMA, and Standby Reserve (Active List)
7-1. Other Pay
7-2. Allowances
7-3. Administrative Effect of Discharge
7-4. Transitional Benefits and Discharge
7-5. Veteran's Benefits and Discharge
7-6. Other Federal Benefits and Discharge
F-1. Career Management Fields of the Army's Enlisted Soldiers
F-2. Branches of the Army's Officers
F-3. Areas of Concentration by Functional Area
F-4. Branches of the Army's Warrant Officers



The Loyalty of Private First Class Ernest E. West
Private First Class Clarence Eugene Sasser and Duty
The Sentinel's Creed
SPC Michael John Fitzmaurice at Khe Sanh
Private First Class Silvestre Santana Herrera in France
Private First Class Parker F. Dunn in the Argonne Forest
The Deployment
A Better Way
Ethical Dilemma-The Checkpoint
Ethical Dilemma-The Checkpoint (cont'd)
Ethical Dilemma-Guard Duty
Crispus Attucks in the Boston Massacre
The Marquis de Lafayette-Patron of Liberty
Antietam and Emancipation
The First Medal of Honor Recipient
The 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg
The 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn
Private Augustus Walley in Cuba
Harlem Hellfighters
Sergeant Edward Greene at the Marne
Corporal Harold W. Roberts at the Montrebeau Woods
The Unknown Soldier
Transformation in the 1920s
A Company, 116th Infantry on D-Day
Krinkelt-Rocherath during the Battle of the Bulge
Private First Class Desmond Doss at Okinawa
Task Force Smith
Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun in Korea
Corporal Gilbert G. Collier, the Last Army Medal of Honor Recipient of the Korean War
Landing Zone (LZ) X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley
Specialist Fifth Class Dwight Johnson
Task Force Ranger
Making an On-the-Spot Correction
Platoon Sergeant and Enlisted Soldier Relationship
Officer-Enlisted Gambling
The Salute
Parade Rest
The Best Machinegunner in the 101st
Rules of Engagement
Informal "Footlocker" Counseling
Promotion Counseling
The Oath of Enlistment
Medical Bills



A Soldier Provides Security during Operation Iraqi Freedom
The Army Medal of Honor
An NCO Inspects his Soldiers Prior to Assuming Guard Duty
Convoy Briefing during Operation Iraqi Freedom
A Junior NCO Decides His Team's Next Move
".The Whites of Their Eyes." The Battle of Bunker Hill
Von Steuben Instructs Soldiers at Valley Forge, 1778
The Road to Fallen Timbers
The Surrender-General Lee meets General Grant
The 1st Volunteer Cavalry-"The Rough Riders"-at Kettle Hill
"Tip of the Avalanche." The 36th Infatry Division lands at Salerno
A Squad Leader of the 25th Infantry Division
The 7th Infantry Division Band on the Capitol Grounds in Seoul, 1945
The Equipment of the US Army Constabulary
Artillery Gun Crew in Korea Waits for the Order to Fire
A Female Soldier Assigned to the 725th Ordnance Company (EOD)
On the Move during Operation Desert Storm
Soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division Fold the Flag
Soldiers from the 3d Infantry Division in Firing Positions
A Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Squad Follows their Vehicle
Bugler from the Army Band
Hot Wash-An AAR at the Combat Maneuver Training Center
Building an Individual Fighting Position
A Military Police Soldier Inspects a Vehicle
Reenlisting in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Soldiers of the 115th Military Police Company


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