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Advances in weapon systems and electronic technology are significantly affecting military concepts and operations. These advances demand coordinated efficiency on the modern battlefield. Because of the lethality of the threat environment, current doctrine emphasizes winning the first battle. The difference between winning and losing lies in changing tactics to meet the realities of the modern battlefield. Therefore, Stinger personnel must always be prepared to change their tactics to win.

The purpose of this manual is to show -- in the setting of the modern battlefield -- how Stinger will be employed. This manual describes how the Stinger platoon and section fight. In doing so, it discusses employment of Stinger teams which support the maneuver brigade, battalion task force, field artillery battalion, and covering force. For additional details on how Stinger teams fight, the reader should use FM 44-18-1, Stinger Team Operations.

FM 44-18 is oriented primarily toward the officers and noncommissioned officers -- the lieutenants and the sergeants -- who will direct and supervise the employment of Stinger and toward those combat arms and combat support commanders who will be supported by Stinger.

This manual is unclassified; therefore, threat information contained in this publication is, in some instances, imprecise and incomplete. Where detailed, precise planning is required, authoritative threat sources should be consulted.

Classified information pertaining to Stinger capabilities, limitations, and air defense planning can be found in (SNF) FM 44-1A, US Army Air Defense Artillery Operational Planning Data (U).

The material contained herein is applicable without modification to both nuclear and nonnuclear warfare.

Users of this manual are encouraged to submit recommended changes or comments to improve the publication. Comments should be keyed to the specific page and line of the text in which the change is recommended. Reasons should be provided for each comment to insure understanding and complete evaluation. Comments should be prepared on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) and forwarded direct to:


US Army Air Defense Artillery School


Fort Bliss, Texas 79916-7125

When used in this publication, "he," "him," "his," and "men" represent both the masculine and femine genders unless otherwise stated.

"As part of the Army Standardization program, the terms squad and team are to be changed to crew. Future revisions of this FM will reflect this change."

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