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Required publications are sources which users must read to understand or to comply with FM 44-18.


FM 44-18-1 Stinger Team Operations


Related publications are sources of additional information. Users do not have to read them to understand FM 44-18.


AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms

AR 310-50 Catalog of Abbreviations and Brevity Codes (Available in microfiche)

AR 710-2 Supply Policy Below the Wholesale Level


FM 3-12 Operational Aspects of Radiological Defense

FM 3-22 Fallout Prediction

FM 5-20 Camouflage

FM 5-36 Route Reconnaissance and Classification

FM 6-20 (HTF) Fire Support in Combined Arms Operations

FM 7-7 (HTF) The Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad

FM 7-10 (HTF) The Infantry Rifle Company (Infantry, Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger)

FM 7-20 (HTF) The Infantry Battalion (Infantry, Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger)

FM 7-30 (HTF) Infantry, Airborne and Air Assault Brigade Operations

FM 11-50 (HTF) Combat Communications Within the Division

FM 17-47 (HTF) Air Cavalry Combat Brigade

FM 17-50 Attack Helicopter Operations

FM 17-95 (HTF) Cavalry

FM 21-11 (Test) First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-30 Military Symbols

FM 21-40 NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Defense

FM 21-60 Visual Signals

FM 24-1 (HTF) Combat Communications

FM 24-18 Field Radio Techniques

FM 24-20 Field Wire and Field Cable Techniques

FM 24-24 Radio and Radar Reference Data

FM 30-102 Opposing Forces: Europe

FM 31-71 Northern Operations (To be revised as FM 90-11)

FM 32-6 SIGSEC Techniques

FM 44-1 (HTF) US Army Air Defense Artillery Employment

FM 44-1-2 Air Defense Artillery Reference Handbook

FM 44-3 Air Defense Artillery Employment, Chaparral/Vulcan/Stinger

FM 44-8 Small Unit Self-Defense Against Air Attack

FM 44-30 Visual Aircraft Recognition

FM 44-90(HTF) US Army Air Defense Artillery Employment, Hawk

FM 71-1(HTF) Tank and Mechanized Infantry Company Team

FM 71-2(HTF) The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force

FM 71-101(HTF) Infantry, Airborne, and Air Assault Division Operations

FM 90-2(HTF) Tactical Deception

FM 90-3(HTF) Desert Operations

FM 90-4(HTF) Airmobile Operations

FM 90-5(HTF) Jungle Operations

FM 90-6(HTF) Mountain Operations

FM 90-10(HTF) Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain

FM 90-13(HTF) River Crossing Operations

FM 100-28 Doctrine and Procedures for Airspace Control in the Combat Zone

FM 100-42 US Army/US Airspace Management in an Area of Operations

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations


TM 3-216 Technical Aspects of Biological Defense

TM 3-220 Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Decontamination

TM 9-1425-429-12 Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual for Intercept-Aerial, Guided Missile System: Stinger, Trainer, GM Launcher, Interrogator and IFF Programmer

TM 11-5805-201-12 Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual Telephone Set TA-312/PT

TM 11-5805-243-12 Operation and Organizational Maintenance Manual: Telephone Set TA-1/PT

TM 11-5820-477-12 Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual: Radio Set Control Groups AN/GRA-39 (A,B)

TM 11-5820-498-12 Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual: Radio Set AN\GRC-160


TB 380-41 (C) Procedures for Safeguarding, Accounting, and Supply Control of COMSEC Materiel (U)


These are publications that are scheduled for printing. Upon print, they will be distributed automatically via pinpoint distribution and will not be available for requisition from USA Publications Center, Baltimore, MD, until indexed in DA Pam 310-1.


FM 3-4 NBC Protection (Supersedes TM 3-221 and TC 3-2)

FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination (Supersedes TM 3-220)

FM 3-100 NBC Operations (Supersedes FM 21-40)

FM 44-1A (SNF) US Army Air Defense Artillery Operational Planning Data (U)

FM 44-11 Air Defense Artillery Employment, SGT York Gun/Stinger

FM 90-11 Winter Operations (To supersede FM 31-71)

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