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Appendix H


In addition to movement SOPs, some units maintain a movement binder to use as a quick reference when preparing for movement operations.


The recommended contents of a movement binder are as follows:

  • Appointment orders and training certificates for Unit Movement Officers and alternates, load teams, and personnel qualified to certify hazardous material.
  • A recall roster and instructions.
  • A listing of required references.
  • A list of major equipment shortage items.
  • A list of blocking, bracing, and packing materials, as well as actions required to obtain materials not already on-hand.
  • A list of supplies by support activity, coordination requirements (lists of personnel, transporting locations, and materials-handling equipment), and prepared requisitions.
  • Coordination requirements for plan execution and a list of supporting agencies and POCs.
  • A copy of the SOP and extracts from the unit deployment plan detailing initial actions to be taken during a deployment in time sequence.
  • A current copy of the Organization Equipment List.
  • Copies of all load cards and container packing lists.
  • Prepared copies of transportation requests, convoy movement requests and special hauling permits.
  • Strip maps for each route of march the unit will take (see annex 2 to Appendix C for convoy briefing outline).
  • Advance party composition and instructions.
  • Examples of forms required for personnel support during deployment (e.g., Adjutant General, Judge Advocate General, medical).
  • Transportation requirements (such as trucks, buses) that are beyond the unit's organic transport capability. This includes POCs and preplanned coordination channels for obtaining needed transport capability.
  • Rear detachment and family support group operations plans.
  • Other unit checklists or handbooks developed by the unit to assist in deployment planning and execution.
  • Contact telephone numbers during off duty hours for service organizations supporting deployment.


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