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Appendix E

Smoke Support Sustainment Planning Tables

The tables in this appendix provide smoke pot spacing guidance and ammunition and fuel consumption data. Use the tables to determine ammunition or fuel sustainment requirements for smoke missions.

Base your ammunition consumption planning on target size and smoke duration. Base fuel consumption planning on smoke unit structure, smoke duration, and fuel delivery packaging.

Smoke Pot Consumption

Table 24 is the spacing guide for smoke pots. When using Table 23 to determine actual spacing requirements, round up all answers (decimals) to the next larger whole number.

Table 25, below, is the smoke pot consumption guide. To use this table, you must know the length of the target area in meters and the spacing between pots in meters, plus how long the target must be smoked.


Enter the table from the left--smoke time. Locate the spacing between pots at the top of the table. Under the spacing find your target length. The cell where this column and the smoke time row intersect contains the number of pots needed.

Fuel Consumption Tables

Use Tables 26 and 27 to determine fog oil and MOGAS consumption for smoke generators. These tables are based on normal consumptions of a smoke generator platoon running all generators simultaneously. When a crew operates a single M3A4 or M157 smoke generator, multiply the planning figure by 0.5.


Ammunition Consumption Tables

Use Tables 28 through 31, below, to determine consumption rates for artillery, and mortar munitions. Start with the wind speed, rate of fire, (or weapon and target size) and duration of smoke requested, and use the table to discover the number of rounds required for the mission.





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