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Historical Vignettes

The Army¾ A Proud History of Full Spectrum Operations

Task Force Eagle in Bosnia

Technology Aids Soldiers¾ Operation Desert Hammer VI

Unified Action in Haiti

Operation Assured Response-An Example of Joint Synergy

Responsive and Agile¾ Operation Uphold Democracy

Precision and Speed¾ VII Corps Deploys to Southwest Asia

Close Combat at Landing Zone X-Ray

Operational Maneuver and Fires¾ Operation Desert Storm

Field Discipline¾ Preventive Medicine in Combat

Information Modernization¾ AH-64D Longbow

Experience and Innovation on Grenada

Commander's Intent and Sherman's "March to the Sea"

Planning Guidance¾ Grant and Thomas at Chattanooga

Change of Plans at Normandy

Home Station, Predeployment, and Deployment Training

Surprise¾ Coup de Main in Panama

Audacity¾ Turning Movement at Inchon

Desert Storm¾ A Decisive Offensive Operation

Decisive Defensive Operations¾ Pusan, Korea

Shaping Defensive Operations¾ 2d SANG Brigade at Khafji

Ongoing Deterrence¾ Forward Presence in Korea

Stability Mission at Brcko

Foreign Internal Defense in El Salvador

Conventional Arms Control Operations¾ Task Force Eagle in Bosnia

Vietnam¾ A Case Study in US Military Involvement

Refugee Processing¾ A Support Operation

JTF Support Hope¾ Foreign Humanitarian Assistance in Africa

JTF Andrew¾ Disaster Relief in the Continental United States

Measures of Effectiveness¾ Operation Support Hope

Information Superiority in the Gulf

Contractor Support¾ Operations in the Balkans

Full Spectrum Support¾ 22d Support Command in Southwest Asia

Leveraging Technology¾ Real-time CSS


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