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FM 20-32

Change 1 Headquarters
Department of the Army
Washington, DC, 30 June 1999


  1. Change FM 20-32, 29 May 1998, as follows:
  2. Page 13-32. After the first paragraph add the following:

    NOTE: The United Nations Convention of Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) mandates that all fragment munitions produce fragments that are visible by x-ray (such as metal or rock).

    Page A-33. M1 AND M2 ACTIVATORS, third paragraph, line 1, change "533 millimeters long" to "54 millimeters long (with cap)."

    Page A-33. M1 AND M2 ACTIVATORS, third paragraph, line 5, change "190" to "25."

    Page A-33. M1 AND M2 ACTIVATORS, fourth paragraph, line 2, delete entire line and add "its overall length, with cap, is 53 millimeters."

  3. Post these changes according to DA Pamphlet 310-13.
  4. File this transmittal sheet in the front of the publication.

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION:. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.



FM 20-32
C1, 30 June 1999







By Order of the Secretary of the Army:




General, United States Army
Chief of Staff
Administrative Assistant to the
Secretary of the Army




DISTRIBUTION: Active Army, Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve: To be distributed in accordance with the initial distribution number 111053, requirements for FM 20-32.



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