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MSRT, AN/VRC-97. The MSRT provides secure, full- duplex voice communications to the user throughout the tactical area of operations. It consists of a VHF radio and a DSVT. The MSRT automatically selects random channels for each call and chooses the lowest effective RF transmit level. The radio transmits in the low band and receives in the high band and interfaces at 16 kbps to the DSVT which provides secure, discrete addressability. The MSRT can be installed in a vehicular configuration (MX-2564/AN/VRC-97) or in a stand-alone mode (MX-2565/AN/VRC-97) when used with a power supply such as a PP-2953. See Figures 3-31, 3-32, and 3-33.

Figure 3-31. Vehicle mounted (MK-2564/AN/VRC-97) MSRT.

Figure 3-32. Stand-alone kit (MK-2565/AN/VRC-97) with MSRT.

Figure 3-33. MSRT wiring diagram.

Technical Features.

  • Input power voltage: +21 to +33 VDC.
  • Power output: RF output, 14 to 18 watts.
  • Circuit protection: one 16-ampere power fuse; four 0.25 ampere line fuses.
  • Frequency range: 30 to 88 MHz.
  • Transmitting range: 15 kilometers.

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