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FM 101-5-1
Operational Terms and Graphics

Chapter 5
Equipment Symbols

This chapter describes equipment, weapon, ground vehicle, and aerial vehicle symbols. It describes procedures for creating composite weapon system symbols and the procedures for text labeling to provide necessary details.

The use of the symbol frames shown in Chapter 4 is optional for equipment and recommended only for ships, aircraft, and aerial vehicles.

Orientation of the symbols shown in this chapter is extremely important. All manual and automated displays and overlays should show the symbol oriented the same as the actual equipment. The "Q" field will show the orientation of moving equipment symbols.

Blue or black will represent friendly equipment on color displays and red will represent enemy or hostile equipment. Monochrome displays will use the color available.


Figures 5-1 through 5-4 show the placement of unit labeling fields around the different symbol frames. Figure 5-5 is a table defining the labeling fields. See Appendix A for examples of fully labeled unit and equipment symbols.

Field Field Title Description Application Length
A Symbol Frame shape, fill, and icon showing the basic function of units, installations, or equipment with modifers A1, A2, and A3 All
D Equipment Indicates number of items present. Installation : Size in square feet Units and installations 10
E Suspect, Assumed Friend, Faker, Joker Question mark '?': suspect, assumed friend, faker. 'J': joker All 1
F Reinforced or Detached Shows (+) reinforced , (-) reduced, or (+-) reinforced and reduced Units 3
G Staff Comments Free text All 20
H Additional Information Free text All 20
J Evaluation Rating Free text Enemy only 2
L Signature Equipment Indicated by "!" ( refers to detectable electronic signatures) Enemy equipment only 1
M Higher Formtion Number or title of higher echelon command (Corps designated by Roman numerals) All 21
N Enemy (Hostile) Indicated enemy by letters "ENY" Enemy equipment, lines, areas, and boundaries 3
P IFF/SIF Identification modes and codes Units and equipment 5
Q Direction of Movement Arrow Direction symbol is moving or will move. Nuclear, biological, chemica: downwind direction All 4
R Mobility Indicator Pictorial representation of mobility Equipment only
T Unique Designation An alphanumeric title that uniquely identifies a particular symbol; track number. Nuclear: friendly delivery unit (missile, satellite, aircraft, etc) All 21
V Type of Equipment Identifies unique designation. Nuclear: Friendly weapons type Units and equipment 24
W Date-Time Group Alphanumeric field for date/time (MILSTD-2500A)
(DDHHMMSSZMONYY) or "o/o" for on order

All 15
X Altitude / Depth Altitude portion of GPS. Flight level for aircraft. Depth for submerged objects. Height in feet of equipment or structure on the ground. Nuclear: Height of burst All 6
Y Speed Nautical miles per hour; kilometers per hour Units and equipment 5
Z Location Latitude and longitude; grid coordinates All 19

Figure 5-5. Equipment Labeling Field Definitions

Updated 27 July 1997.

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