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FM 101-5-1
Operational Terms and Graphics

Chapter 3
Graphic Control Measures


Area Target
Bomb Area
Fire Support Area (FSA)
(A sea area for naval gunfire support)
Fire Support Station (FSS)
(A sea point for naval gunfire support)
Group of targets
All targets are fired at the same time.

Group of targets using regular targets

Group of targets using rectangular targets

Linear Target

Final Protective Fire
(The indirect fire unit designated to fire the FPF is listed below the target)

Nuclear Target
Position Area for Artillery (PAA)
Paladin 2 km by 2 km
MLRS 3 km by 3 km
Series of Targets
Targets are fired in a predetermined sequence, for example, AG700, AG7006, and AG7004.

Series of Targets Using Regular Targets

Series of Targets Using Rectangular Targets

(Planned with designated time shown)

(Actually in place)

Linear Smoke Target


Target, Circular

Updated 27 July 1997.

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