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FM 101-5-1
Operational Terms and Graphics

Appendix D
Stability and Support Operations (SASO) Symbology

During recent stability and support operations, units have found a need to use symbols to track incidents and to support intelligence preparation of the battlefield. This appendix includes examples of symbols used to depict common events in a SASO environment and shows the pattern of developing additional symbols from doctrinal symbols or other easily drawn and understood symbols. Any symbols which deviate from a combination of symbols in this manual must be shown in the margin of the overlay with a legend explaining their meaning.

NOTE: The terms insurgent and hostile are used to describe any force, faction, or political group that is opposed to United States forces presence, the National Security Objectives of the United States, United Nations peacekeeping actions, and humanitarian assistance efforts, or that commits unlawful activities. The terms are also used to describe violent acts against Americans, allies, or friendly factions.

Friendly Units, Activities, or Facilities

Hostile Units, Activities, or Facilities

Updated 27 July 1997.

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