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A   air

a   assistant

AA   assembly area

AAA   antiaircraft artillery

A2C2   Army airspace command and control

AADC   Area Air Defense Commander

AAFARS   advanced aviation forward area refueling system

AAFES   Army and Air Force Exchange Service

A&L   administration and logistics

aaslt   air assault

AATF   air assault task force

AATFC   air assault task force commander

ABCS   Army Battle Command System

ABMOC   air battle management operations center

abn   airborne

AC   aircraft

ACA   airspace control authority; airspace control area

ACC   air component commander

ACCS   Army command and control system

ACE   analysis and control element

acft   aircraft

ACO   airspace control order

ACofS   Assistant Chief of Staff

ACP   airspace control plan

ACR   armored cavalry regiment

ACT   air cavalry troop

acty   activity

ACUS   Area Common User System

AD   air defense

ADA   air defense artillery

ADC   area damage control

ADCOORD   air defense coordinator

ADIZ   air defense identification zone

adj   adjustment

admin   administrative

ADP   automatic data processing

ADPC   Automatic Data Processing Center

ADPE   automatic data processing equipment

AE   aerial exploitation

AEB   aerial exploitation battalion

AFATDS   Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

AFSO   Air force staff officer; aerial fire support observer

AG   Adjutant General

AGL   above ground level

AGPU   aviation ground power unit

AH   attack helicopter

AHB   assault helicopter battalion

AHC   assault helicopter company

AI   air interception

AIMI   aviation intensive management items

ALO   air liaison officer

ALOC   air lines of communication; administrative and logistics center

ALSE   aviation life support equipment

alt   alternate

altstg   altimeter setting

AM   amplitude modulated

AMC   air mission commander; aviation maintenance company

AMO   aviation materiel officer

ammo   ammunition

AMPS   Aviation Mission Planning System

anal   analyst

ANGLICO   air and naval gunfire liaison company

AO   area of operations

AOC   air operations center

AOE   Army of Excellence

APOD   air port of debarkation

APP   allied procedures publication

approx   approximately

APU   auxiliary power unit

AR   Army regulation

ARFOR   Army force

ARL   aerial reconnaissance low

armt   armament

ARNG   Army National Guard

ARS   air reconnaissance squadron

ARSOA   Army special operations aviation

ARSOTF   Army special operations task force

ARTEP   Army Training and Evaluation Program

arty   artillery

ASAC   all-source analysis center

ASARS   advanced synthetic aperture radar system

ASAS   All Source Analysis System

ASB   ammunition support battalion; aviation support battalion

ASCC   air support coordination center; Army Service component commander

ASCE   air support coordination element

ASE   aircraft survivability equipment

ASG   area support group

ASL   authorized stockage list

ASOC   air support operations center

ASP   ammunition supply point

ASPS   all-source production section

assoc   associated

asst   assistant

ASWO   assistant staff weather officer

AT   antitank

ATA   air to air

ATACMS   Army tactical missile

ATAF   allied tactical air force

ATC   air traffic control

ATCCS   Army Tactical Command and Control System

ATGM   antitank guided missile

atk   attack

ATKBN   attack battalion

ATKHB   attack helicopter battalion

ATKHC   attack helicopter company

ATM   advanced trauma management

ATO/SPINS   air tasking order/special instruction

ATOC   allied tactical operations center

ATP   ammunition transfer point

ATS   air traffic services

attn   attention

auth   authorized

autm   automation

autmv   automotive

aux   auxiliary

AVGAS   aviation gasoline

AVIM   aviation intermediate maintenance

avn   aviation

AVUM   aviation unit maintenance

AWACS   Airborne Warning and Control System

AWS   Air Weather Service

BAI   battlefield air interdiction

BCC   battlefield circulation control

BCD   battlefield coordination detackment

BCE   battlefield coordination element

BDA   battle damage assessment

bde   brigade

BDZ   base defense zone

BHL   battle handover line

BICC   battlefield information coordination center

BII   basic issue item

blk   block

BLSA   basic load storage area

BMNT   beginning of morning nautical twilight

bn   battalion

BOS   battlefield operation system

BP   battle position

br   branch

BRRP   brigade (or battalion) rapid refueling point

BSA   brigade support area

BSO   brigade signal officer

btry   battery

c   cargo airplane

C2   command and control

c2w   command and control warfare

C2SRS   command and control strength reporting system

C2I   command, control, and intelligence

C3   command, control, and communications

C3CM   command, control, communications, and countermeasures

C4   command, control, communications, and computers

C4I   command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

CA   civil affairs

CAB   command aviation battalion

CAC   command aviation company

C&J   collection and jamming

CAS   close air support (Air Force); close in fire support

CASEVAC   casualty evacuation

cav   cavalry

CB   chemical biological

cbt   combat

CCIR   commander's critical requirements

CCR   closed-circuit refueling

CCT   combat control team

cdr   commander

CE   communications-electronics; crewchief

CESI   communications-electronics standing instruction

CEWI   combat electronic warfare and intelligence

CFSC   corps finance support center

CG   center of gravity

cGy   centigray (radiation measurement)

CH   chaplain; cargo helicopter

CHEMO   chemical officer

CHS   combat health support

CI   counterintelligence

CINC   commander in chief

CK   cyanogen chloride

cl   class

CLGP   cannon-launched guided projectile

cmd   command

cmdt   commandant

CM&D   collection, management, and dissemination

cml   chemical

CMMC   corps materiel management center

CMO   civil-military operations

co   company

COA   course of action

coll   collection

COMARFOR   commander, Army forces

COMINT   communications intelligence

COMJAM   communications jamming

comm   communications

COMMZ   communications zone

comp   component

compo   composite

COMSEC   communications security

CONEX   container express

CONOPS   continuous operations

CONPLAN   concept plan

CONUS   continental United States

COOP   continuity of operations plan

coord   coordinate

COSCOM   corps support command

CNR   combat net radio

cm   centimeter

CP   command post

CRAF   Civil Reserve Air Fleet

CS   combat support

CSA   corps storage area; corps support area

CSAB   combat support aviation battalion

CSAR   combat search and rescue

CSG   corps support group

CSM   command sergeant major

CSR   controlled supply rate

CSS   combat service support

CSSCS   Combat Service Support ControlSystem

CST   combat support troop

CT   counterterrorist

CTA   common table of allowances

CTOC   corps tactical operations center

ctr   center

ctrl   control

CTT   commander's tactical terminal

CUCV   commercial utility cargo vehicle

CUV   commercial utility vehicle

CV   cruise vehicle

CW   chemical warfare

CZ   combat zone

DA   density altitude; Department of the Army

DAO   division ammunition officer

DASB   division aviation support battalion

DCofS   Deputy Chief of Staff

DCSPER   Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

decon   decontamination

def   defense

det   detachment

DF   direction finding

DISCOM   division support command

div   division

DIVARTY   division artillery

DLA   Defense Logistics Agency

DLQ   deck landing qualification

DMMC   division materiel management center

DNVT   digital nonsecure voice terminal

DOCC   deep operations coordination cell

DOD   Department of Defense

DOL   Director of Logistics

DOT   Department of Transportation

dpt   depart

DPTM   Directorate of Plans, Training, and Mobilization

DPW   Directorate of Public Works

dpt   depart

DRB   division-ready brigade

DRRP   division rapid refueling point

DS   direct support

DS2   decontaminating solution 2

DSA   division support area

dspo   disposal

DSS   direct support system

DST   decision support template

DSU   direct support unit

DT   demanding task

DTG   date-time group

DTOC   division tactical operations center

DVA   diverse vector area; dynamic visual acuity

dvr   driver

DZ   drop zone

EA   engagement area; each; electronic attack

EAC   echelons above corps

EACAS   Enhanced Cobra/TOW Armament System

EACIC   echelons above corps and intelligence center

ECAP   Army Environmental Compliance Achievement Program

ECCM   electronic counter-countermeasures

ech   echelon

ECM   electronic countermeasures

ECWCS   Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

ED   Environmental Division

EENT   end of evening nautical twilight

eff   effective

EH   electronic helicopter

EIR   essential intelligence requirement

elct   electronic

ELINT   electronic intelligence

elm   element

EMCON   emergency condition

EMNT   end of morning nautical twilight

EMP   electromagnetic pulse

engr   engineer

enl   enlisted

EOC   emergency operations center

EOD   explosive ordnance disposal

EODC   explosive ordnance disposal center

EOM   end of mission

EP   electronic protection

EPA   Environmental Protection Agency

EPLRS   Enhanced Position Location Reporting System

EPW   enemy prisoner of war

equip   equipment

ERFS   extended range fuel system

ESM   electronic warfare support measures

ESSS   external stores support system

ETAC   enlisted terminal attack controller

EW   electronic warfare

EXJAM   expendable jammer

FA   field artillery

FAA   forward assembly area

FAAD   forward area air defense

FAAO   field artillery air observer

FAAR   forward area alerting radar

FAC   forward air controller

FAC-A   forward air controller-airborne

FAIO   field artillery intelligence officer

FARE   forward area refueling equipment

FARP   forward arming and refueling point

FASCAM   family of scatterable mines

FASCO   forward area support coordinator

fax   facsimile

FCC   flight coordination center

FE   flight engineer

FEBA   forward edge of the battle area

FID   foreign internal defense

FIST   fire support team

fld   field

FLIR   forward-looking infrared radar

FLOT   forward line of own troops

flt   flight

FM   frequency modulated; field manual

FMC   fully mission capable

FMCP   fuel management control panel

FM(S)   frequency modulated (secure)

FOB   forward operations base

FOC   flight operations center

FOD   foreign object damage

FORSCOM   United States Army Forces Command

FRAGO   fragmentary order

FROG   free rocket over ground

FS   fire support

FSB   forward support battalion

FSCL   fire support coordination line

FSCOORD   fire support coordinator

FSE   fire support element

FSO   fire support officer

FSS   fire support section

FSSE   forward service support element

FST   finance support team

FSU   finance support unit

ft   foot; feet

FTI   fixed target indicator

FTX   field training exercise

func   function

FUP   forward unit position

fwd   forward

G1   Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)

G2   Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)

G3   Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)

G4   Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)

G5   Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (Civil Affairs)

GCU   gas charging unit

GEMSS   ground emplaced mine scattering system

gen   general

gnd   ground

GOB   ground order of battle

gp   group

GP   general purpose

GPH   gallons per hour

GPM   gallons per minute

GPS   global positioning system

grd   ground

GS   general support

GSAB   general support aviation battalion

GSE   ground support equipment

GSM   ground station module

GSR   ground surveillance radar

GS-R   general support-reinforcing

GSU   ground support unit

GTA   graphic training

GVO   green vinyl overshoe

HA   holding area

HAC   helicopter aircraft commander

HARRP   helmet assembly, rearming refueling personnel

HAZCOM   hazardous program

HAZMIN   hazardous waste minimization

HE   high explosive

HEED   helicopter emergency egress device system

hel   helicopter

HEMAT   heavy expanded mobility ammunition trailer

HEMTT   heavy expanded mobility tactical truck

HF   high frequency; Hellfire

HHB   headquarters and headquarters battalion

HHC   headquarters and headquarters company

HHD   headquarters and headquarters detachment

HHT   headquarters and headquarters troop

HIDACZ   high-density airspace control zone

HIMAD   high-to-medium altitude air defense

HMMWV   high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HN   host nation

HNS   host nation support

HPT   high-payoff target

HPTL   high-payoff target list

hr   hour

HRO   humanitarian relief organization

HQ   headquarters

HTARS   HEMTT tanker aviation refueling system

HUMINT   human intelligence

HVT   high-value target

hvy   heavy

HW   hazardous waste

IA   imagery analysis

IEW   intelligence and electronic warfare

IEWSE   intelligence and electronic warfare support element

IFF   identification, friend or foe (radar)

IFR   instrument flight rules

IGRV   improved Guardrail V

IHFR   improved high-frequency radio   

illum   illumination

IMINT   imagery intelligence

in   inch

IN   infantry

ind   individual

indef   indefinite

info   information

INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite

int   intelligence

intcp   interception

intel   intelligence

intg   interrogation

INTREP   intelligence report

INTSUM   intelligence summary

invt   inventory

IPB   intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPF   integrated processing facility

ir   infrared

IR   intelligence report

ISB   initial staging base

ISOPREP   isolation preparation packet

ITO   installation transportation officer

J   joint

J3   Operations Directorate

JAAT   joint air attack team

JAG   Judge Advocate General

JCS   Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFACC   joint force air component commander

JFC   joint force commander

JFLCC   joint force land component commander

JP   jet petroleum

JP4   jet petroleum, grade 4

JP8   jet petroleum, grade 8

JSEAD   joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JSOCC   Joint Force Special Operations Air Component Commander

JSOTF   Joint Special Operations Task Force

JSRC   Joint Search and Rescue Center

JSTARS   Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JTF   joint task force

km   kilometer

kph   kilometer per hour

kt   knot

LCC   land component commander

LCSU   logistics composite support unit

LD   line of departure

LHA   landing helicopter assault

LIC   low-intensity conflict

LID   light infantry division

LLAD   low-level air defense

LLTR   low-level transit route

LNO   liaison officer

LO   liaison operation

LOC   lines of communication

log   logistics

LOGO   logistics order

LOGOS   logistics operations

LOGPAC   logistics package

LOI   letter of instruction

LOS   line of sight

LPH   landing platform helicopter

LPI   low probability of interception

LPU   limited production-urgent

LRP   logistics release point

LRSU   long-range surveillance unit

LSA   logistics support area

lt   light

LUH   light utility helicopter

LZ   landing zone

LZA   landing zone area

MACOM   major Army command

maint   maintenance

MANPADS   man-portable air defense

mat   materiel

max   maximum

MBA   main battle area

MCA   movement control agency

MCC   movement control center

MCS/P   maneuver control system/PHOENIX

MDCI   multidiscipline command intelligence

mdm   medium

mech   mechanized

med   medical

MEDEVAC   medical evacuation

MET   missile escort team

METL   mission essential task list

METT-T   mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

mgt   management

MHB   medium helicopter battalion

MHE   materials handling equipment

MI   military intelligence

MIA   missing in action

MICLIC   mine-clearing mine charge

MILGROUP   military group

MILVAN   military-owned demountable container

min   ministry; minimum

MLRS   multiple launch rocket system

mm   millimeter

MMC   materiel management center

MOA   memorandum of agreement

MOGAS   motor gasoline

MOPP   mission-oriented protective posture

MOS   military occupational specialty

MOU   memorandum of understanding

MOUT   military operations on urbanized terrain

mov   movement

MP   military police

MRE   meal ready to eat

MRL   multiple rocket launcher

MRO   materiel release order

MRR   minimum risk route

MSB   main support battalion

MSD   minimum safe distance

MSE   mobile subscriber equipment

msg   message

msl   missile

msn   mission

MSR   main supply route

MSRT   mobile subscriber radiotelephone

MST   maintenance support team

MTI   moving target indicator

MTOE   modification table(s) of organization and equipment

MTP   maintenance test pilot; mission training program

mtr   mortar

MULO   multipurpose light overshoe

MUSARC   Major United States Army Reserve Command

MWR   morale, welfare, and recreation

NAAK   nerve agent antidote kit

NAI   named area of interest

NASP   National Airspace System Plan

NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAID   navigational aid

NBC   nuclear, biological, chemical

NBCWRS   NBC warning and reporting system

NC   node center

NCA   national command authority

NCO   noncommissioned officer

NCOIC   noncommissioned officer in charge

NCS   net control station

NDB   nondirectional radio beacon

NEW   net explosive weight

NGF   naval gunfire

NGLO   naval gunfire liaison officer

NICP   national inventory control point

NLT   not later than

no   number

NOE   nap-of-the-earth

noncom   noncommunication

NRB   Natural Resources Branch

NSN   national stock number

NTE   not to exceed

NVD   night vision device

NVG   night vision goggles

NVS   night vision systems

obj   objective

OCONUS   outside continental United States

OEG   operational exposure guidance

ofc   office

off   officer

OH   on hand; observation helicopter

O&I   operations and intelligence

OIC   officer in charge

op   operation

OPCOM   operational command

OPCON   operational control

OPLAN   operation plan

OPORD   operation order

ops   operations

OPSEC   operations security

OPTEMPO   operational tempo

OR   operational readiness

ord   ordnance

orgn   organization

ORI   operational readiness inspection

OST   order ship time

OV   orbiting vehicle

PA   pressure altitude

P&A   personnel and administration

PAC   Personnel and Administration Center

PC   pilot in command

PD   performance degraded

pers   personnel

petrol   petroleum

Ph   probability of hit

photo   photograph

PIR   priority intelligence requirement

PL   phase line

PLL   prescribed load list

PLS   personnel location system

plt   platoon

PMC   partially mission capable

PMCS   preventive maintenance checks and services

PNL   prescribed nuclear load

POC   point of contact

POD   port of debarkation

POE   port of embarkation

POL   petroleum, oil, and lubricants

POM   preparation for oversea movement (units)

POR   preparation of replacements for overseas movement

PP   passage point

ppm   parts per mission

proc   processing

prod   production

prog   program

prop   property

PS   personnel services

PSC   personnel service company

psi   pounds per square inch

PSS   personnel service support

pwr   power

PSYOP   psychological operations

PWRS   pre-positioned war reserve stock

PZ   pickup zone

QA   quality assurance

QL   Quick Look

qty   quantity

RAOC   rear area operations center

RASA   ready ammunition storage area

RATT   radio teletypewriter

RAU   radio access unit

RC   reconnaissance cargo

RCC   rescue coordination center

RDF   radio direction finder

RDTE   research, development, test, and evaluation

regt   regiment

regtl   regimental

rep   representative

RETRANS   retransmission

rfl   rifle

RFL   restrictive fire line   

rkt   rocket

RL   readiness level

ROA   restricted operations area

ROE   rules of engagement

RP   release point

ROZ   restricted operations zone

rpr   repair

RPM   revolutions per minute

RPV   remotely piloted vehicle

rqmt   requirement

RSR   required supply rate

RTD   Resident Training Division

RTO   rear tactical operations

RTOC   rear tactical operations center

RU   reconnaissance utility

S1   adjutant (US Army)

S2   intelligence officer (US Army)

S3   operations and training officer (US Army)

S4   supply officer (US Army)

SAAFR   standard Army aircraft flight route

SAC   support aviation company

SAM   surface-to-air missile

SAR   search and rescue

SASO   stability and support operations

S&S   supply and service

SATCOM   satellite communications

SB   supply bulletin

SCC   system control center

SEAD   suppression of enemy air defenses

sec   section

SEMA   special electronic mission aircraft

SEN   small extension node

SERE   survival, evasion, resistance, and escape

SF   Special Forces

SFOB   Special Forces Operational Base

sgt   sergeant

SHORAD   short-range air defense

SICPS   signal intelligence command post system

SIDPERS   Standard Installation/Division Personnel System

SIF   selective identification feature

SIGINT   signals intelligence

SIGO   signal officer

SIGSEC   signals security

SINCGARS   single channel ground airborne radio system

sit   situation

SITREP   situation report

SJA   staff judge advocate

SLAR   side-looking airborne radar

SLOC   sea lanes of communication

SMCT   soldier's manual of common tasks

SO   special operations

SOA   special operations aviation

SOC   special operations command

SOF   special operations forces

SOI   signal operating instructions

SOP   standing operating procedure

SOR   specific orders and requests

sp   specialist

SP   start point or self-propelled

spec   special; specialist; specific

SPO   security, plans, and operations

SPOD   sea port of embarkation

SPOTREP   spot report

spt   support

sqd   squad

sr   senior

SR   special reconnaissance

SRC   standard requirements code

SSB   single sideband

SSSC   self-service supply center

SSM   surface-to-surface missile

STB   supertropical bleach (caustic decontaminant)

std   standard

STP   soldier training publication

STRIKWARN   strike warning    

SUA   special use airspace

subj   subject

subs   substitute

sup   supply

SUPCOM   support command

surve   surveillance

svc   service

SWO   staff weather officer

synch   synchronize

sys   system

T2   tricothecene toxin

TA   theater Army; tank Army (Soviet)

TAA   theater Army area

TAACOM   theater Army area command

TAADS   The Army Authorization Documents System

tac   tactical

TAC   tactical air coordinator

TAC(A)   tactical air coordinator (airborne)

TACAIR   tactical air

TACC   tactical air control center

TACCS   Tactical Army CSS Computer System

TACFIRE   tactical fire

TACJAM   tactical jamming

TACOPS   tactical operations

TACP   tactical air control party

TACS   tactical air control system

TACSAT   tactical satellite

TADS   target acquisition and designation system

TAF   tactical airforce

TAI   tactical areas of interest

TAMCA   Theater Army Movement Control Authority

TAMMC   Theater Army Materiel Management Center

TARP   target acquisition reconnaissance platoon

TASOC   Theater Army Special Operations Command

TC   training circular

TCAE   technical control and analysis element

TCC   transportation coordination center

TCC(A)   transportation coordination center (air)

TCF   tactical combat force

TDA   theater defense aviation

TDAB   theater defense aviation battalion

TDMP   tactical decision-making process

TDY   temporary duty

tech   technician or technical

TEL   transponder erector launcher

temp   temperature

TENCAP   tactical exploitation of national space capabilities

TF   task force

TFU   tactical forecast unit

tgt   target

THREATCON   threat condition

tk   tank

tm   team

TM   technical manual

TMD   theater missile defense

TMO   transportation movement office

TMT   transportation motor transport

TOC   tactical operations center

TOE   table(s) of organization and equipment

tot   total

TOT   time-on-target

TOW   tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided (missile)

TPU   tank and pump unit

TR   tactical reconnaissance

TRADOC   United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

trans   transportation

TRANSCOM   transportation command

trk   truck

trn   train

TRP   target reference point

trp   troop

TSA   theater storage area

TTP   tactics, techniques, and procedures

TV   television

TVAP   target value analysis process

U   utility airplane

UAV   unmanned aerial vehicle

UH   utility helicopter

UHF   ultra high frequency

UMCP   unit maintenance collection point

UMT   unit ministry team

US   United States (of America)

USAF   United States Air Force

USAR   United States Army Reserve

USN   United States Navy

UT   undemanding task

UW   unconventional warfare

veh   vehicle

VERTREP   vertical replenishment

VFR   visual flight rules

VHF   very high frequency

vic   vicinity

VMF   Variable Message Format

VTDP   vectoring and target designating point

w   with

WETM   weather team

WO   warrant officer

wpn   weapon

wx   weather

XO   executive officer

Z   zulu (Greenwich Mean Time)


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