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Subcourse Number CM3404


United States Army Chemical School
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-8926

6 Credit Hours

Edition Date:   January 1993


This subcourse is designed to teach you the fundamental aspects of chemical agents. You will learn the terminology of chemical agents, their properties, classification, uses, detection methods, defense, duration of effectiveness and decontamination. The description of lethal, incapacitating and miscellaneous chemical agents is presented.

There are no prerequisites for this subcourse.

The subcourse is presented in two lessons which reflect the doctrine which was current at the time it was prepared. In your own work situation, always refer to the latest official publications.

Unless otherwise stated, the masculine gender of singular pronouns is used to refer to both men and women.


ACTION: Describe the aspects of chemical agents and compounds.
CONDITION: Given information and illustrations about chemical agent terms, classification, properties, duration of effectiveness, and markings for chemical munitions.
STANDARD: To demonstrate competency of this task, you must achieve a minimum of 70% on the subcourse examination.

In this subcourse, you will learn the fundamental aspects of chemical agents. In order to understand the fundamental aspects of chemical agents, you must be able to:

1.   Explain terms used in describing chemical agents.
2.   Describe requirements for chemical agents.
3.   Describe markings on chemical munitions.

Once you have learned the fundamental aspects of chemical agents, you will learn about lethal, incapacitating, and miscellaneous chemical agents. In order to understand lethal, incapacitating, and miscellaneous agents, you must be able to:

1.   Describe nerve and blister agents.
2.   Describe blood and choking agents.
3.   Describe miscellaneous and incapicitating agents.

The information you will receive in this subcourse will help you understand chemical agents and compounds, their capabilities and limitations.


Subcourse Overview
Lesson 1: Fundamental Aspects of Chemical Agents
  Part A:   Chemical Agent Terms
  Part B:   Chemical Agent Requirements
  Part C:   Chemical Munitions Markings
  Practice Exercise
Lesson 2: Lethal, Incapacitating, and Miscellaneous Chemical Agents
  Part A:   Nerve and Blister Agents
  Part B:   Blood and Choking Agents
  Part C:   Miscellaneous and Incapacitating Agents
  Practice Exercise
CM3404 Edition A Examination